Vote for Angela: Creative Galaxy & Sara Solves It

Note: I am a PBS Kids ambassador and Angela’s Clues is a former client, but this post is not prompted by them. All words are my own.

A few years ago, I attended a PBS Kids dinner during a conference. I walked in and there stood Angela Santomero, the co-creator of Blue’s Clues and Super Why. 

Can you imagine how I felt?  ME, who made Blue’s Clues birthday cakes for at least three years running when Dex was younger? Me… The person who still sings the “bedtime business” song at night? To. this. day.

Luckily, Angela is like *the* sweetest person in the world. We hit it off, became friends and she also hired me for some social media work when she was starting her blog, Angela’s Clues. She then went on to launch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, which is just about the cutest show since, well, Blue’s Clues.

She is now in the running to launch two new shows with Amazon Studios, but it is based on voting. She needs our help to get them produced. Please watch the videos below, and add your reviews just like you would any Amazon product. 

I love them both, but personally, a show about art would really make my day. OK. Fine. A smart math gal would be awesome too.

In the Creative Galaxy (a galaxy made up of different art inspired planets) lives a creative preschool alien, Arty, with his mom, dad, baby sister and his shape shifting side kick, Epiphany. Arty explores the Creative Galaxy, soaring to the Museum Planet and the Painting Planet (and many more arts based planets in future episodes) to “fix situations with art!”
(Review it here!)

Sara Solves It is about a strong female role model, Sara, who uses math to solve mysteries with her little brother, Sam. Together, Sara and Sam explore their world on the look out for mysteries… math mysteries!
(Review it here!)

Check out these two wonderful pilots and add your two cents. YOU could help produce the next songs your kids are singing at bedtime!

{Blogger note: I am a PBS Kids ambassador and Angela’s Clues is a former client, but this post is not prompted by them. All words are my own.}

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  1. Angela Santomero

    Your kind words & support mean so much to me Aimee. Like you, I pour my heart & soul into that which I create. So to find mutual respect out in this..often “complex” world, I can’t ask for anything more. Keep doing what you do so well and here’s to a few more years of empowering the good that’s around us!xoAngela

  2. Geraldine Santiago

    A TV animation series that helps kids and their parents with math and problem solving- you’ve got my vote! Plus, it’s entertaining, creative, and empowers! I taught my girls their multiplication table with songs, rhymes,& flash cards. You need the basics- fractions, decimals, multiplication, adding, subtracting every day in life. Making math fun is a great idea!

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