3 People Who Influence The Crap Out Of Me

I feel lucky to have BlogFrog right up the road from me in Boulder. I know (and am friends with) half the people who work there, plus I love seeing all the exciting things they do for the blogging community. So when they asked me to share who influences me, not only was I excited to participate, I have to start off by saying the women and men of BlogFrog would definitely be on that list.

Influence is a word that gets tossed around in the social media community a lot – it’s almost becoming one of those disingenuous words that are puffed up with air. I like that BlogFrog is running this campaign to really talk about what and who influences us, because it is important. And fun.

There are so many people that I talk to online every day who inspire me. This list could go on and on for days. But I chose three people who I can go to at any time to find interesting content, smart interactions, and who downright keep me happy and engaged. Like a well-fed pig.

Wait, did I just call myself a pig?

ERIN LOECHNER (Design for Mankind)
I have to give Erin preferential treatment and list her first, seeing as she just had her first baby this week. “Bee” joined the ranks of the internet’s most anticipated babies and I look forward to watching Erin blossom as a mom. But besides Erin’s considerable niceness (yes, she really IS that nice) – her design style on and offline is pretty much what turned me into a Pinterest junkie.

TIM SIEDELL (Bad Banana)
I am not sure when I started following Tim on Twitter, but I will tell you to stop what you are doing, right now, open Twitter, and follow him. Now. Not kidding. You can thank me later. Tim continues to probably be my favorite “funny person” on Twitter but also, following him lead me down the rabbit hole to a whole group of a people, as a parent blogger, I had never “met” online before. (There is a site called Favstar that tracks “faves” on Twitter and helps you find more hilarious people that help you get through the day laughing.) But under his sass, Tim is also a family guy and has an awesome branding firm in Nebraska – more inspiration for a designer such as myself.

Alice was among the first blogs I started reading way back in the day, and I still can’t get enough. At first I was so intimidated by her, and her freakishly funny writing… but over the years I have had the pleasure to meet her and let me tell you. She is super intimidating in real life too. JUST KIDDING ALICE. This lady is soft-spoken, witty, principled, talented and pretty much everything I aspire to be when I grow up. Bonus: our boys are almost the same exact age so I feel like I have a hilarious kindred spirit in the whole motherhood thing, too.

There you have it.

Three people I adore and honestly, I am sure you adore too, because how could you not?

Now, your turn. What do you love most about blogs and blogging?

Who influences YOU?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogFrog. The opinions and text are all mine.

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    Suebbob, Lucrever, Juliana – love you guys!

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