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The band Flipturn concert photos and review from Bluebird Denver

Flipturn at Bluebird Denver

The first time I saw a Flipturn concert was when they played Shaky Knees earlier this year. I was sold on them due to the highly energetic performance and fun stage camaraderie. (P.S. them being from close to where I went to college in Florida…
Des Rocs & Blue Stones - Denver COncert Photos

Des Rocs and Blue Stones at Bluebird Denver

Des Rocs and the Blue Stones took over Denver's Bluebird Theater with super loud, super fun rock and roll this summer. Blue Stones is another one of those, "Wait, it's just two guys, who can they produce so much sound?" kind of bands. I've seen…
Failure - Denver Concert Photos - Bluebird Theater

Failure at Bluebird Theater Denver

The band Failure started out in 1990, took a hiatus in the late 90s and came roaring back in the mid 2010's. They have released six full-length albums and five EPs, one of them being Fantastic Planet... a must-have for pretty much every person I…
KennyHoopla - Bluebird - Denver Concert Photos

KennyHoopla & The Losers Club at Bluebird Denver

Everyone told me not to miss KennyHoopla when the world started opening back up. I knew friends were looking forward to his show at Denver's Bluebird for an incredibly long time. Then they added local friends The Losers Club to the bill and I knew…
Joywave - Denver Concert Photos & Review

Joywave and Almost Monday at Bluebird Denver

It's no secret that Joywave is one of my favorite bands. I have photographed them numerous times and was thrilled to interview frontman Daniel Armbruster last year. Their new album, Cleanse, was just released – so they are touring on that plus Possession, which came…
The Unlikely Candidates - Denver Concert Photos

The Unlikely Candidates at Bluebird Denver

As everyone has been asking, "what's the last concert you saw before lockdown?" these past two months - my answer is "The Unlikely Candidates at Bluebird Theater Denver." Which is why I couldn't bring myself to edit these photos all this time - that means…