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The Glorious Sons - Brett Emmons - Denver Concert Photos - Show Review

The Glorious Sons and Liily at Globe Hall Denver

I was lucky enough to interview Brett Emmons last year and see them the last time they played in Denver. This band has only gained momentum since and I can't imagine anything standing in their way. Talk about a great rock band. If you listen…
Denver Concert Photos - In The Whale and Reno Divorce

In The Whale and Reno Divorce at Globe Hall

Denver duo In The Whale was among the first bands we met when I started photographing concerts, as evidenced by all these posts about them, included a weird street interview we did on a curb five years ago. What's great about these guys is they…

Half•Alive and Joan at Globe Hall

Have you heard "Still Feel" by Half•Alive yet? If not, go listen now. I'll wait. It's one of those infectious tunes that you put on repeat for hours and never get tired of. That's pretty much what this band feels like in concert too. They…
Your Smith - Formerly Caroline Smith - Concert Photos

Your Smith at Globe Hall

As someone whose blog has been through several name changes and transitions, I think it's cool when others reinvent themselves. Caroline Smith is now "Your Smith" and sounds better than ever. Loved her at Globe Hall recently - her voice is still amazing, and the…
Joywave Concert Photos Denver

Joywave and KOPPS at Globe Hall Denver

I listened to Joywave's album How Do You Feel Now? non-stop for the better part of 2015 and loved it when they opened for Young The Giant this past summer. Everyone at Globe Hall must have been there too because when lead singer Daniel Armbruster…
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