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The band Foals - Denver Concert Photos - Mission Ballroom

Foals at Mission Ballroom Denver

Foals is one of my favorite bands and they absolutely kill it live. I was thrilled when I heard they were coming to one of our premier venues, the Mission Ballroom. It's large enough to allow lots of people to attend, but small enough to…
Puscifer - Denver Concert Photos - Mission Ballroom

Puscifer at Mission Ballroom Denver

After a six year hiatus, Puscifer (the creative brain-dump band of Tool's Maynard James Keenan) joined us in Denver at the Mission Ballroom. The show started with a video explaining that if attendees try to capture the show, they may end up as ingredients of…
Lawrence & Misterwives - Denver Concert Photos - Mission Ballroom

Lawrence & Misterwives at Denver’s Mission Ballroom

There is not much I like better than a co-headlining show with two superb bands on the bill. Such was the case when Lawrence and Misterwives hit Denver's Mission Ballroom recently. The "Sounds Of Summer" tour was a celebration of fun and upbeat tunes. Lawrence…
Spoon Band - Denver Concert Photos - Mission Ballroom

Spoon at Mission Ballroom Denver

I feel super lucky this year; I was able to see the band Spoon twice. First, at Shaky Knees in Atlanta and then at our Mission Ballroom in Denver. Both times Spoon was excellent (so much so that I fan-girled and bought a shirt). Seeing…
The Flaming Lips - Denver Concert Photos

The Flaming Lips at Mission Ballroom Denver

The last time I saw The Flaming Lips, they were here for Riot Fest (when they had a Denver edition). It's insane that it was almost a decade till I caught them again, but the good news is I will see them twice this year…