April Greeblepix Contest

Let’s look at pretty pictures shall we? It’s Greeblepix time again! No theme this month. Just whatever photo you are loving on right now.


The Greeblepix winner will receive a $250 camera equipment rental from Pro Photo Rental!

Great equipment from Canon, Nikon, Olympus with free three day shipping each way (except for a Canadian winner, whose shipping is wrapped into the $250 prize).



1. All levels of photographers are welcome. Encouraged, even. Everyone, everyone, everyone is welcome.
2. Except! No family members of Greeblemonkey are eligible.
3. You must be the photographer of the photo you submit and have clearance for any people in the photos.
4. One photo/entry per person per month.
5. Winner from last month, please take a month off.
6. Photo can be taken specifically for the contest, or in the past.
7. United States and Canadian photographers only.
8. No anonymous entries. Please make sure I can contact you via email!
9. Photos must be submitted below by 10pm Mountain time, Tuesday April 21st, 2009 to be considered.


PHASE ONE (Monday thru Tuesday night):

Select your entry photo.

Post your pic on your blog, or on Flickr.

Use this badge in your post, if you like. (Right click and pull down to “Save Image As” to grab the badge).

Add the URL of your photo to Mr. Linky below to enter the contest.

The deadline for entries is 10pm Mountain time, Tuesday April 21st, 2009.


PHASE TWO (Wednesday Morning – Thursday Night):

I will select 10 finalists to go into a Polldaddy voter widget on this blog. Check back on Wednesday to see if you made it!

*Everyone* votes for the final winner! Voting ends Thursday, April 23, 2009 at midnight Mountain time.


PHASE THREE (Friday Morning):

I will reveal the Greeblepix Winner of the Month!

The winner will receive the prize directly from Pro Photo Rental via email once I officially give the word.


Have fun!

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  1. gkgirl

    weird to be first,
    but what the hell…
    i’ll give it a shot.

    i always look forward
    to this contest and seeing
    what others are doing…

  2. San

    Leeeet’s try again 🙂

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Dawn – I deleted the link you requested!

  4. monstergirlee

    Dang it! totally forgot this morning. I’ll have something later this afternoon.
    Can’t wait to see this months pics!

  5. Sue at nobaddays

    Just like throwing my hat in the ring … this one of an Easter arrangement I received.

  6. Sue at nobaddays

    And sorry Aimee that I’ve wimped out on the Kid Art Auction this year … we just don’t have anything done … and so much going on. Hope it is wildly successful!

  7. Amy Jo

    Can’t wait to see all this month’s photos!

  8. laura-dolcepics

    Thanks Aimee for hosting! Mine is “newlywed love”. I’ve been bit by the wedding bug!

  9. Anonymous

    Thanks Aimee… I love checking out your blog and entering your contests. You and Shuttersisters are my daily blogs!!


  10. Abby*Lane

    First time here 🙂 Good luck to all.

  11. Terri

    Good luck to everyone.

  12. Katester

    Some great shots in here! Good luck to everyone!

  13. auntsmack4u

    good luck to all!

  14. sunmamma

    God Luck everyone. I see some gorgeous photo’s here!!!

  15. Rachel/justmakeit

    My first time submitting anything. There are some awesome photos in this bunch — I love seeing them!

  16. Mae Folk

    my first time too…as you can obviously tell…my first link was pretty lame. Delete it if you can for me Aimee! thanks so much for the invite 🙂

  17. Kathleen (koreilly@comcast.net)

    This is my first time entering…thanks for hosting!

  18. Meghann

    I was so torn about which pic to enter this month! Ack!

  19. Jen F

    This is my friend’s dog, McKinley, doing his impression of “Blue Steel”…


  20. Christine

    My first time entering. How fun!

  21. girl

    Good luck everyone!

  22. meg manion silliker

    happy april everyone!!

  23. monstergirlee

    Ok – I picked a photo and entered. Hope you like it.
    And thank you SO much for having this contest every month. Its kind of the highlight of the month for me photowise – and I’m glad I had something that felt worthy to enter.
    YAY Aimee.

  24. alejna

    After many months of thinking “hey, I should enter that,” I finally got my act (and a photo) together in time to enter!

    Thanks for putting this on, Aimee!

  25. suz or sooze

    these are fun! look forward to browsing through the other entries too. i picked one of my favs from the last couple days 🙂 goes along with the heat way we are having .. and upcoming summer fun.

  26. Lisa

    Lots of beautiful pictures!

  27. Grey Street Girl

    Thanks for hosting, Aimee! I can’t wait to check out all the other pics!

  28. Bee Roach

    Nice to see everyone’s beautiful shots.


  29. Megan

    Love your site and love this contest! Wonderful entries thus far, good luck choosing the top 10.

  30. Sew Fab Martha

    Lots of fun and inspriation this month!

  31. Megan

    can’t wait to see everyone’s photos. 🙂

  32. Madame Meow

    Oh dang it! I think I’m late *sobs*

  33. LeS

    thank you, aimee – this should be fun! my hat is officially in the ring 🙂

  34. hilde

    thanks for the invite,aimee…so many wonderful images here…

  35. Dave

    Fun contest. informative site. thanks for allowing us the chance.

  36. myinspired♥{sandra}

    such a fun contest and so many beautiful photos!

  37. Mamma

    Okay, I threw my hat in. You know I’m not that confident of my photography…

  38. merrymishaps

    I had to share a vacation photo … so hard to pick just one!

  39. TeaAndBrie

    I love greeblepix

  40. Crisse

    Thanks for the invite! I love seeing all the fabulous photos everyone shares.

  41. Sandra

    Oh shoot. I missed the deadline. Sorry for that late add.

  42. gcmandrake

    Thanks for sponsoring this contest. It forces me to choose among photos which is always hard for me to do. There are some amazing photos posted. Thanks everyone.

  43. Radha

    I’m sorry about the late entry!

    Will try again next month,


  44. Donavan Freberg

    Thanks for the invite, glad to be a part of the contest! Good luck everyone!!!

  45. Cynthia Samuels

    For some reason this hot DC spring is even lovelier than usual. So here’s a little piece.

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