April Greeblepix Finalists!

Holy moly, it was so hard AGAIN this month, people! You are so talented! Thanks AGAIN for your support of this contest and each other. I LOVE seeing all your comments on all the photos. Dude. You guys ROCK.

But there has to be a group of finalists for us to vote on for the $250 camera rental from Pro Photo Rental, so here they are. Take it away.


Antoin Huynh – The Street

Christine – The Pretty Rain

Laurie – Mmmm

Lisa H – Goin To Hogwarts

Kristin Mainemomma – With Some Flare

Photomom Melissa – Hmmmm

Sebrina W – 116

Shutterxdown – Half A Cup Please
http://www.greeblemonkey.com/aimeeimages/Shutterxdown - Half A Cup Please.jpg

Suz Or Sooze – Bubble Town

Tracey Clark – Having A Ball


Who is the April Greeblepix Winner?(answers)


P.S. Happy Earth Day! Anyone up for bidding on some AWESOME art made by some AWESOME kids to support an AWESOME cause? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?

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  1. zipper

    awesome pics yet again. I like the variety.

  2. sunmamma

    Oh thank you for including me 🙂

  3. Antoin Huynh

    Awesome set of talent, I’m honored to share the page with y’all!

  4. suz (or sooze)

    ooo.. thanks for including me. will have to come back to vote.. fabulous photos there… so hard to decide on just one!

  5. laurie

    omgosh! yay! So much talent!! Thanks for including me! =)

  6. girl

    Congratulations everyone! awesome shots!

  7. Melissa B

    Thank you so much – very exciting to be a part of such great talent.

  8. Vanessa

    beautiful choices. as always, so hard to decide on my fave!

    hey, some day you’ve got to wrangle a mega-prize from some generous sponsor and do a big fat “greeblepix oscars”, you know, with tons of different categories (best nature greeblepic, best people greeblepic, best funny greeblepic, etc.), loads of nominees and winners and real prizes and boobie prizes and bets on who’ll win the prizes, and.. and.. and…

    just a thought 🙂

  9. Deb on the Rocks

    It’s tough, it’s tough…

  10. Do7anii

    Sebrina W

  11. Lisa

    Yay, I’m so excited!

  12. ecike!


  13. Grey Street Girl

    These are amazing shots! Great picks, Aimee!

  14. kristin

    thank you aimee! what great shots. so much inspiration. all so different and all so wonderful.

  15. g-man

    I try to at least look at all of them, I’m glad that I dont have to pick the finalists, what a tough choice.

  16. Toni

    They are all great shots, but Sebrina’s rocks!!

  17. Anonymous

    Loved them all. Great month.

  18. melody is slurping life

    I HAD to vote for tracy – she shared that photo in my weekly SOOC Saturday and I loved it then!

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