August GreeblePIX Finalists – COME VOTE!

Yup, I am still dragging but slowly coming back to real life. You know what else is weird? Sitting in a chair all day after walking all over Ireland for 2 weeks. My bum is letting me know it in no uncertain terms. So I walked to lunch today. Hopefully my bum will stop yelling at me.

And I am slowly getting the photos edited. Slowly. The first set from the first day is here. MANY MANY MANY more to come. MANY.

Oh, and Declan started second grade. Which makes me feel very very old.

But you aren’t here for that. Let’s talk photos. Your awesome awesome photos. Yet again you blew me away. Thanks so much for taking the time for this little contest, commenting on each others photos, and generally just being terrific.

And you know the drill. One last step… Vote for your fave:

April Connoly – Sing Little Bird
April Connoly - Sing Little Bird

Christey Krause – Boston
Christey Krause - Boston

Corrin – South African Elephant
Corrin - South African Elephant

Imelda – Estes Park
Imelda - Estes Park

Jennifer – Summer Sun
Jennifer - Summer Sun

Kristen Mainemomma – She Sells Seashells
Kristen Mainemomma - She Sells Seashells

Matt – Maroma Infinity
Matt - Maroma Infinity

Michelle Sauer – Colorado
Michelle Sauer - Colorado

Natala – Not Yet Awake
Natala - Not Yet Awake

Ryan Behner – Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls
Ryan Behner - Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

Who is the August Greeblepix winner?(polls)

Winner will be announced Friday!

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  1. Anonymous

    All fantastic shots!

  2. natala

    There should be a photo book of all of the photos here it would be so awesome 🙂 maybe for a good cause or something.

    I just love the pictures!

  3. Carrie Hasson

    wow! what a group! some really amazing photos

  4. Char

    all are so beautiful

  5. Mamma

    You think you feel old? I have one starting 8th grade in Sept. Eighth effing grade!

  6. Sue at nobaddays

    Love the fresh colors … and the soft vs. sharp in Summer Sun. Gets my vote!

  7. Imelda

    Love that one of my photos got included this round! Vacation theme was a great one!

  8. Anonymous

    all of them are lovely! – m

    welcome back!

  9. Sizzle

    2nd grade! Whoa boy. 🙂

  10. Hello Veggie

    These are all beautiful! I love the elephant and Not Yet Awake.

    Hello Veggie

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