5 Photo Cropping Tips That Will Save Your Life

OK, that's a little melodramatic. But here are 5 things that I either learned in photography or graphic design classes that help me out when I am either framing a picture in the viewfinder/LCD or looking for a more interesting crop later in my editing…

Snow Leaves

Since it's back in the mid-70's here in Denver, I figured I was finally ready to revisit my snow photos from last week.(Click on any image to see larger version)

I wasn’t kidding about the moppets!

It's always fun to take photo of Declan's friends, because we can take him along - to play with his pal while I work on the other family members. Such was the case yesterday with Chloe (nearly 4) and Nicolette (11 weeks).Oddly enough, we met…


It was gray and raining this morning, then snowing and then within 15 minutes, clear blue skies and massive sunshine. Took some fun pictures of wet leaves, though. Thanks, Mother Nature!