Has Someone Stolen Your Obama Yard Sign?

Like they did mine and every person on my block’s last night????

ARGH! I ordered that sign from Obama headquarters online and it was backordered and I waited forever to stick the darn thing in the ground.

But never fear. Wannabe Hippie reminded me that every time we buy another sign, it’s just adding more money to Obama’s already brimming coffers and even if he doesn’t need the money to win, it just will piss those sign stealers off EVEN MORE! Take THAT, sign stealers!

But, given the rush on Obama signs and the time it takes to get one, I am going all grassroots and just printing my own. But I am also attaching this little gem to the bottom.

Want a copy? Here is the PDF.

And here is an $8 Version for those who go strictly by how much the signs cost.

P.S. I don’t mean to take away from the Greeblepix winner announcement of today! Please go congratulate Michelle too!

UPDATE: A great sign/badge from Sue at eLuckyPacket for non-US residents!

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  1. Sizzle

    Way to give them the proverbial finger!


  2. Gwen Bell

    You are a genius. This is sheer brilliance! Love it!!

  3. Anonymous

    AWESOME!!!!! Downloading right now…

  4. Malissa

    Love it, Aimee!!

  5. Green Me

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!

  6. Sarah

    Great Permanent resident sign for Bill!!

  7. Lisa

    LOVE the replacement sign! But doesn’t your local Obama headquarters have free yard signs? I know ours does.

    I’m waiting for our sign to be stolen…#1 suspect would be my crazy mother!

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Ours was taking donations for them last I heard. My neighbor just emailed and said she was down there working today and would pick some up. They may not be asking for donations anymore this late in the game – but either way, it’s the principal of the thing. even if I didn’t have to pay for it, I will still be donating if they get stolen… like Sizzle said – the proverbial middle finger! 😉

  9. Gretchen

    Love the sign addition! WTG!

  10. whoorl

    That is hilarious! Hey, we got a sign that attaches to the inside of our kitchen window. Can you get one of those?

  11. zenrain

    My first sign was stolen, so I went back to the office here in town and they didn’t charge me for another… 🙂 but i’m going to put this on the sign in my yard right now!

  12. lupingirl

    Your addition is genius! I love it.

    It really stinks that there are those out there who would try to take away another’s right to free speech – and probably think they are patriots when they do it.

  13. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Yeah, totally. I mean, I know there are Obama supporters taking McCain signs too. It sucks on all sides. Let people support their candidate!

  14. Sue at eLuckypacket

    Go Aimee! I made my own sign too … bloggers who can’t vote in this election, feel free to use it as your own! http://tinyurl.com/6faldc

  15. Sarah Bellum


  16. monstergirlee

    Freakin’ Awesome!!!!

  17. The Super Bongo

    read my latest post . . . about what some STUPID STUPID DUMB IGNORANT college students did with an Obama sign.

  18. Anonymous

    awesome awesome awesome

  19. Flower Child

    In MD the Obama signs are being defaced to read “Osama”. Just horrible. My mother in law lost hers in Atlanta and my husband is sending her a new one. We have a good stash.

  20. sara

    Ours was just stolen in broad daylight. Troy, Michigan 48083 … can’t believe the nerve of these people … and to think they are our neighbors …

  21. Upside Up

    this idea is so brilliant it makes me jealous. which is my highest compliment! awesome you.

  22. Kath

    My Obama sign was stolen after 2 days. They left the Udall sign. Luckily, I have a huge Obama sign inside my kitchen window.

  23. Alan T

    I borrowed your middle finger for my neighborhood… Thanks!


  24. Mike

    This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Ron

    that actually is pretty clever.

  26. Megan

    We are so lucky, ours is still intact.

  27. Green Me

    Unfortunately, I got to use this today! Boogers! And, in my own neighborhood! I feel like I am in 5th Grade again. Petty silly thieving goofballs!

    Yes We Can!


  28. Crunchy Domestic Goddess

    OMG, I love this! 🙂

  29. nutmeg

    Okay, NOW I will marry you.

  30. zandor

    That is such an awesome idea.

  31. Threeundertwo

    Genius. I love this.

    We didn’t get many signs distributed here in California, so people are using the window signs and attaching them to metal frames.

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