How much bad luck can one family have?

Remember Rob, my Multimedia Director, who has been out since March 1st with pancreatitis? He is sitting in the hospital recovering from a major surgery that will hopefully be the last one and put him on the final road to recovery. But last night his wife Tina and stepdaughter Megan were hit by a drunk driver in Pueblo (2 hours south of Denver).

Tina’s suffered a broken ankle and is pretty banged up and in a lot of pain – but mostly OK. Megan is a bit better off with a broken toe and bruises to match Tina. They were in Rob’s truck (Tina was bringing Megan back from college in Durango) and were going about 65 when they were hit. Apparently the truck is totaled and they had to cut Tina out of it. Luckily they were driving past the Walsenburg hospital at the time and everyone was treated quickly and are expected to make a full recovery. The drunk driver who hit them tried to drive away from the accident but drove right into the hospital and was caught. By the way, the drunk driver was a woman with a kid in her car.

If you don’t mind – please send my friends some PVs – they could certainly use it right now.

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