I wasn’t kidding about the moppets!

It’s always fun to take photo of Declan’s friends, because we can take him along – to play with his pal while I work on the other family members. Such was the case yesterday with Chloe (nearly 4) and Nicolette (11 weeks).

Oddly enough, we met Chloe’s parents, Melissa and Martin, at a gathering at Julie/Mothergoosemouse‘s house nearly 2 years ago and were surprised to learn that Chloe was starting at Declan’s daycare. Small world, indeed.

Nicolette is the new addition to the family and she is shaping up to be just as cute as her sister. I had major trouble choosing among the zillion photos I took, so here are my Top 18.

(Click any image to see larger)


*Oh, but one thing I learned?

Take the group family photo first. When the kids are fresh.

Otherwise, you get this:

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  1. joansy

    I love the picture of Chloe on her dad’s back, but they’re all great – the family photos are hilarious.

  2. mayberry

    Gorgeous family! I particularly love the one that spotlights Chloe’s curls.

  3. painted maypole

    thos family photos are HYSTERICAL! and the other photos! gorgeous! I want to hire you, but it would be a long drive to get to the photo session! 😉

  4. creative-type dad

    Great! Great! Pictures….

  5. Bon

    they’re beautiful. but yep, point taken about the group photos coming first. 🙂

  6. chloebear

    What a cute family – enjoyed the pic’s

  7. Sarah

    I love the feet and hands shots!

  8. TxGambit

    Great. Great. Pics!!!! What gorgeous children.

  9. Oh, The Joys

    You are so talented. Seriously.

  10. monstergirlee

    OMG those last three photos had me spitting up my coffee! LMAO!!!
    Thanks for the nice tuesday morning laugh.
    Love the feet & hand photos.

  11. Nadine

    Hahahaha! Can’t stop laughing about the family photos. Hilarious!

  12. carrie

    What a beautiful family!

    And, kudos to the awesome photographer!

  13. Toni M. Decker

    That little Nicollette has such a sweet face. She looks so petite. And the family looks healthy, happy, adorable. Very impressive.

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