January Greeblepix Finalists – Come Vote!

You guys just get more and more awesome every month. And I love how many of you are going around and commenting on each other photos now… WOW. That is really, really cool. It was hard again this month, and I know you will have trouble voting on these beauties too.

Remember, the winner gets a fabulous $250 camera rental code from the also fabulous Pro Photo Rental, so please vote vote vote! Winner will be announced on Friday.

Also thanks to everyone who has checked in about my eyes. They continue to improve but I have a final check with my doctor today to see if he will clear me to fly to Blissdom. Cross your fingers.


Burgh Baby – Little Rock Star

Eat Play Love – Down The Canyon

Erika – Make Your Own Cuteness

Kim Hosey – Black Widow

Lisa Gutierrez – Bubbles

Midget Invasion – Snowflake Stack

Monamegs – Rain

Sarah Bloom – Implosion

Tom Brown – Colors By Crayola

Vanessa – Red Roses


Who is the January Greeblepix Winner?survey software

Poll closes THURSDAY night!

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  1. Megan

    very exciting:)! all great shots!

  2. zipper

    Love them all. But wow – that spider is scary cool!

  3. Sarah

    Woo hoo! Honored to have made the finalist list!

  4. SJ

    Wow, great photos! Congrats to all that made the finals, it’s hard to pick my favorite!

  5. Kim Hosey

    Hooray! I’m honored. It’s such a great group. You’re awesome at including so much diversity in the types of shots you choose; I always love that.

    (P.S.: Given my husband’s disdain for my black widow fixation, I’m totally going to rub this in his face.)

  6. Anonymous

    Fantastic pictures! Congrats to all!

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