January Greeblepix Finalists!

So, this morning started out pretty rough. Mainly because of my son, who – by all accounts is a really lucky little dude. A lucky little dude with a nice house in a nice neighborhood who eats nice food and visits nice places. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not rich by any stretch of the imagination. We’re just… lucky.

So, when my kid keeps handing me lists of things he wants for Christmas, in January, that include laptops, and projection screens, and a bevy of other several thousand dollar gifts, it is time for us to have a talk. And show pictures of the devastation in Haiti. And discuss how lucky we are. And remind him, that while it’s really fun to dream of all those things we’d love to have, it’s important to remember what other people *don’t* have.

As the big, glassy tears rolled down my son’s cheeks, I hastened to tell him *I* knew he was a good person, that we all just need a reminder sometimes of how lucky we are. And I told him about what we had been doing on Greeblemonkey this week, turning my photo contest into a fund raiser for Haiti – and I asked him if he could, for his *next* list, think about all the things the money we raised would buy for those people who lost everything.

He thought that was a great idea.

And *I* think YOU ALL are awesome. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your photos, and for commenting on the CD contest post. You pushed my contribution total to $121 even, where I was planning on contributing $250 – so I am going to go ahead and double down (or whatever) and make your entries and comments worth $2. Thanks again. And if you are able, please contribute something yourself.


NOW! On to the fun stuff!

Here is the winner of the signed Lucy Schwartz CD:

#11 – Erin from Hammer and a Nail

Erin, email me [aimee at greeblemonkey dot com] for details!


And, OF COURSE. The Greeblepix finalists. Seriously. You all are amazing. So, there was no way to get down to 10. I did 15 finalists this month. Ha! Thus the beauty of having your own contest, being able to bend your own rules.

Check out these amazing photos:


Adam Baker – All This Time

Amy – Leadership Square OKC

Armando Martinez – Street Family

Darren White – Everlasting Moon

Everett White – General Anthony “Ice Storm” Wayne

Jenni One Thing – Winter Tree

Jenny The Bloggess – Everyone

Kimberly Hosey – David’s Feather

Kimberly Petro – A New Day

Leah – Triathelete

Maine Momma Kristin – Shine

Megan – Joy

Minie – I Declare Peace

Moosh In Indy – First Touch

Nebiyu – Warm Hands


Now, I turn it over to you. VOTE! Spread the word! Get others to vote! The winner will receive a $250 camera rental from Pro Photo Rental, so help these talented folks out.

Who is the January Greeblepix winner?(online surveys)

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  1. Reese

    Wow…so difficult to choose. I went with pictures that made me feel and narrowed it down to level of difficulty. Winter Tree won it for me.

  2. monstergirlee

    Oh my gosh there are so many good photos! Very difficult to choose.

    I like what you did with Declan, thats a neat way to bring it home. I wish I could do that with my boy, he’s a greedy little bugger sometimes.

  3. Piper of Love

    Very hard to decide which favorite to vote for. I usually go with the least staging and editing.. you know, at least as far as I can tell.

    ps. my word verification is *very* close to being a naughty word.

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Piper – HA! You can tell.

    And Kim… yeah I meant to say that too – that I know it’s totally natural for this age too. It’s just hard to stand! I mean – a laptop and PROJECTOR????

  5. Anonymous

    awesome pics as always, aimee! – m

  6. Leah

    Beautiful shots. (Such an honor to have mine among them!) Thanks again for doing this. Talk about inspiration…

  7. Katherine Center

    OMG! The Bloggess’s picture? Those are my words! I painted them! So fun to see that picture! It always knocks me over to see it.

    And a little shout-out to MaineMomma, as well. That girl can PHOTOGRAPH!!!

    Love the other pix, too! So fun to scroll through!

  8. Kimberly

    Wow. I am so honored to be among such talent. Many thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Jenni

    Oh my gosh I am SO honored to be picked along with all those amazing photographs!! Thank you!

  10. Kim Hosey

    Holy crap; these are all awesome. I’m honored to be included. Thanks. 🙂

    Your son sounds really sweet; I think greed (unfortunately) is natural. You’re doing exactly what you should be as his mother by tempering it with compassion and awareness of others, and you’re doing it beautifully.

  11. moosh in indy.

    Man, I remember when you started this and it was all “oh, pretty pictures” and now it’s like “DID SHE TAKE THOSE FROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC?”

  12. Darren White

    Hey there I don’t know how you find time to do all this crazy stuff but thanks from me for what you are doing. The company I work for is dontating $250,000 for the relief efforts to Haiti!!! Every little bit helps!!!!! Thanks again!!!

  13. designHER Momma

    I’m going to go ahead and vote for Moosh In Indy’s “first touch”. And it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s me in the photo, holding my son for the very first time.

    a moment in time that she captured forever that I can never repay her for.

    isn’t she amazing?

  14. Mr Lady

    Jeez, those are amazing. AMAZING.

  15. amy nickerson

    Thanks for making me a finalist! There’s some awesome photos so I feel completely honored to be among the final cut!

  16. bean

    Go JenniOneThing! 🙂 Love that picture!

  17. Kim

    These are some AMAZING photos.. seriously.. it was very very hard to decide.Wonderful work to all..

  18. Jenny, the Bloggess

    They’re all magnificent but I’m going with First Touch because it made me cry.

  19. Heather

    They are all great pictures. I had to go with first touch because it just felt so real and I could feel the moment. Great pics everyone!!

  20. betsy

    first touch! lovely picture.

  21. Amy

    Very hard to choose! Nice group.

  22. faerylandmom

    Hands-down, “Winter Tree” by Jenni at One Thing.

  23. BlondesPoopMascara.blogspot.com

    voted! Love, love this picture!!!!!

  24. Corey

    I love “First Touch”.. such an amazing moment to *have*… and then so amazing to have captured it on film.. I cried the first time I saw it on Casey’s blog, and I don’t even know the mom! THAT’S a picture!

  25. Mom

    First touch has my vote. It is wonderful.

  26. Chris

    “First touch” is so beautiful….one can never replace that moment! Nice work Moosh in indy!

  27. OHmommy

    Lovely and amazing photographs.

  28. Anna Grace

    “First Touch” gets my vote.

  29. Jackie

    first touch all the way! go moosh

  30. mrs. r

    Moosh In Indy’s “first touch”

    beautiful. touched my heart.

  31. Miranda

    First Touch. What a moment!

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