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Silverstein and Tonight Alive - Denver Concert Photos

Silverstein and Tonight Alive at Summit Music Hall

In the early 2000's, I was in the midst of having a baby and missed out on a wide spectrum of music. It's really a blur, honestly. But I am making up for lost time now and thrilled that bands like Silverstein and Tonight Alive are still…
Say Anything Concert Photos Denver

Say Anything Photos From Summit Denver

The band Say Anything was formed in 2000 by Max Bemis and has released seven albums to date. This year marked the 10th anniversary of In Defense of the Genre, so the band spent two nights at Summit Music Hall playing three albums. I was there for the second night and there was no slowing them down. I love seeing a band whose fans clearly adore them and this was definitely the case with Say Anything. Lyrics were being sung back to the band loud and clear, while Max was back and forth on the stage connecting with as many people as possible. The band continues their tour into 2018 so be sure to check them out!

Say Anything Concert Photos from Denver

Say Anything - Concert Photos - Summit Music Hall Denver 2017
Concert Photos of The Damned - 40th Anniversary Tour - Denver, CO

40 Years of The Damned – Concert Photos from Denver’s Summit

Classic UK punk band The Damned is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and stopped by Denver earlier this year to include us in the fun. Significantly younger but definitely kick-ass band Bleached joined the party. Damned lead singer Dave Vanian had dislocated his shoulder earlier…
Concert Photos of Dashboard Confessional from Denver Summit Music Hall

Dashboard Confessional with Vinyl Theatre at Summit Denver

Another band I have always wanted to photograph but somehow always missed was Dashboard Confessional. Everyone told me how great Chris Carrabba and his crew were... and yup. Denver's Summit Music Hall was full and ready to rock out to nearly 20 years of music. Vinyl Theatre was a perfect opening back to set the mood. Dashboard Confessional is often called an emo band, and sure - the emotion is there in the lyrics. But no one was sad that these guys are back together and touring again.

Vinyl Theatre

Concert Photos: Dashboard Confessional & Vinyl Theatre at Summit Denver
Concert photos of DNCE, Joe Jonas' pop rock band

DNCE Photos From Summit Denver

Is it "Dance" or "D-N-C-E?" ... I have asked myself that since Joe Jonas started his new project and the song "Cake By The Ocean" was on constant repeat. It's "D-N-C-E", for the record, as I found out at the band's sold out show at…
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