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Denver Music & Concert Venue List

Big List of Denver Live Music & Concert Venues

Lots of people ask me where to see concerts around Denver, and I always ask a few questions. What style of music do you like? Do you like bigger venues or more intimate settings? Do you care what the bathroom looks like? We are lucky…
Gary Numan Interview

Interview with Music Visionary Gary Numan

I was very honored to get on the phone with legendary artist Gary Numan today. He played Denver last year and it was one of my favorite shows of 2017. I look forward to his return to the Gothic later this month, which is sure…
Gary Numan Concert Photos - Denver 2017

Photos of Gary Numan from 2017 Savage Tour

In the beginning of the year, I walked out of the DNCE show amazed at the performance I had just witnessed. It was incredible. I feel like Gary Numan wrapped up 2017 just like that for me - with an electric display of music and charisma at Denver's Gothic Theatre. Most people know Gary Numan from the song "Cars," which is a staple of great 80s music. But, if you delve into his library, there is so much more than that - especially if you lean towards industrial a la Trent Reznor. (Gary and Trent have become great collaborators over the years.) The new album, Savage (Songs From A Broken World) is a dark look to a possible post-apocalyptic world. I personally find many of the songs to be quite beautiful, too - so perhaps there is hope for us yet. As far as Gary Numan in concert? It was chaotic and seriously fun. A great way to end a year that felt like the world was going roll right off its axis.

Gary Numan Concert Photos - Savage Tour 2017

Gary Numan Concert Photos - Denver 2017

Happy Birthday AMZY

I used to do birthday posts for friends and I am not sure why I stopped. I also used to post a whole lot more, but that is whole 'nother story. Today is the birthday of two AMZY members, another has one next week... and…
Magic Man - Denver Concert Photos

Magic Man and The Griswolds Concert Photos

I was excited to photograph Magic Man and The Griswolds at Denver's Gothic Theatre for several reasons. First, we were introduced to the latter during UMS a few years ago and was blown away. We've kept up with each other on social media since then but I have never been able to photograph them. Chris Whitehall's pink hair made for fun photos, but the music, of course, is what made the show. And then I had never seen Magic Man, ever. Lead singer Alex Caplow was all over the stage while bandmate Sam Lee kept to the shadows. It's an arrangement that clearly works for them, and the crowd, because the place was going nuts. These two bands are awesome, and I hope to see them together or separately again soon. Griswolds 2016 - Denver Concert Photos
Peter Murphy in Concert - Denver, 2016

Peter Murphy – Denver Concert Photos

He is the "Godfather of Goth." I have probably listened to the song "All Night Long" thousands of times. When Peter Murphy came to Denver's Gothic Theatre, I jumped at the chance to see him. Not only was this legend the founder and singer for the…

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