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Midge Ure - Concert Photos - Denver 2014

Midge Ure in Concert at Soiled Dove

Do you remember where you were during Live Aid in 1985? I understand this dates me, but I was 15 and glued to the television. As much as it pained me, I was too young to attend the American concert in Philadelphia. But I knew who Midge Ure was even then. In fact, Ultravox's "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" remains a favorite song till this day. And, of course... OF COURSE... "Do They Know It Is Christmas?" is my all-time favorite holiday song. (Band Aid was co-formed by Midge Ure and Bob Geldof.) The idea of music bringing important messages around the globe is something that has inspired me, my entire life. On top of his other talents, the man is a kick-ass photographer as well. So when I saw that Midge Ure was playing a small stop in Denver from his festival tour with Howard Jones, I pretty much beat down their door asking to shoot the show. The Soiled Dove is an intimate venue downstairs from a bar and restaurant in east Denver. I like attending shows there because the acoustics are great and there really is not a bad seat on the house. Such was the case for Midge Ure, where my friend Sam and I were one row up, able to see and hear perfectly.
Top Twitter In Denver, Colorado

Top Twitter People in Denver & Colorado

Everyone is posting their first-tweet and who-followed-them-first in celebration of Twitter's 8th birthday. Mine was a very benign "what is this thing about" type of comment in 2007, mainly to follow all the people I knew in Denver who had joined. All these years later I have found so many real (and imaginary) friends via Twitter, here in Colorado and around the world.

Fun Pins For Your Friday

I haven't done a Pinterest post in a while. And now, with its explosive growth and controversy, I am sure you have all at least heard of it, right?I am that freak who checks Pinterest before bed or else I can't sleep.Want to see why?Who…
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