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Riot Fest Denver 2015

Riot Fest 2015 in Denver, not Chicago or Toronto

Aimee Note: I have been trying to get Bryan to write more for this site, but it took Riot Fest to make it happen. Thank you, Riot Fest. RIOT FEST. Even the name strikes fear into the hearts of parents everywhere. Well, not all parents.…

Andy Grammer and Parachute in Denver

Note: I was provided tickets and a photo pass for this concert, but all word and photos are mine. Sometimes concert photography is so easy. The lights, the band, the crowd - they all play in your favor. However, most times you have one or…
Nerd Prom Denver

Bop Skizzum Nerd Prom

Nerd Prom? People have been asking me for months what the heck that means. According to friends and clients Bop Skizzum, it means anything goes. From geek to chic. They proved it last Friday at Summit Music Hall with their 2nd annual event, where attendees…
HTFTH Hometown For The Holidays Finalists Top Ten 2016

Top Ten Bands: Hometown For The Holidays (HTFTH) 2016

It's officially the holiday season in Denver! Alf announced the top ten bands for this year's Hometown for the Holidays song contest at Not So Silent Night this weekend. They are listed in alphabetical order below with their song and social media links. I am…

Interview with Dan Aid of Wiredogs

It's Denver band love week! Recently I chatted with Dan Aid, lead singer of Wiredogs about their upcoming album and accompanying release show at The Marquis Theater. As always, he was candid, smart and funny. If you have never seen them, please get down to…
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