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X Ambassadors in Concert - Denver, CO

X Ambassadors Concert Photos from Denver’s Ogden

Sometimes I feel guilty while photographing a band as one member dominates the camera. Such was the case with X Ambassadors recently, when Sam Harris was all over the stage and I had a hard time blast keeping up with him. The rest of the band was great to be sure, but all eyes were on the lead singer. Opener Seinabo Sey was a bit of an odd choice in my opinion, but I am not complaining. This lady's voice is impeccable and she was personable and compelling as she stood close to the microphone and just sang her heart out. Speaking of beautiful music, X Ambassadors' hit song "Unsteady" was just released as an orchestral remix for the movie Me Before You. Be sure to check that out.

Photos: Bush at the Ogden Theatre

Gavin Rossdale and his band Bush stopped in Denver last week at our Ogden Theatre to support their latest album, Man On The Run. If you haven't heard it, head over to your favorite streaming service and check it out. I've listened quite a bit since its release and I love how this album is very melodic, especially the single, "The Only Way Out." Like many of us, I have loved Bush since Sixteen Stone and in particular, "Machinehead" is one of my all-time favorite songs. You knew I would be front of the line to photograph this show - especially since I have, to my great regret, *never* seen Bush before. They did not disappoint. It was loud and raucous at the right places as well as smooth and beautiful in others (read: "Glycerine") - and the crowd was very into it. Sometimes, I admit, it's almost more fun watching the fans love on the musicians than anything else. Gavin's voice sounded a little like he was pushing it, perhaps because of our perpetual lack of humidity, but it added to that edgy sound his voice always has anyway. He was all over the stage, interacting with fans, and clearly having a blast. P.S. I took way too many photos. Bush - Concert Photos - Odgen Theatre, Denver 2015 Bush - Concert Photos - Odgen Theatre, Denver 2015 Bush - Concert Photos - Odgen Theatre, Denver 2015 Bush_45 Bush - Concert Photos - Odgen Theatre, Denver 2015
Toad The Wet Sprocket

Toad The Wet Sprocket at the Ogden Denver

The great thing about doing concert photography is being able to stalk the bands you have loved forever. Case in point: Toad The Wet Sprocket. When I heard they had released a new album (the very excellent New Constellation), I watched for the tour. I…
Airborne Toxic Event - Denver Photos

Photos: Airborne Toxic Event at Ogden Theatre

"Changing" from The Airborne Toxic Event's 2011 album "All At Once" ranks up there as one of my very favorite songs but I had never seen the band live before. Mikel Jollett and his crew recently played a two-night stint at Denver's Ogden Theatre, so…
Fitz And The Tantrums

Fitz & The Tantrums at The Ogden in Denver

Note: Tickets were provided by the band; all photos and words are mine.
People often ask how I can stand being landlocked here in Denver, but the truth of the matter is 1) you get used to it, 2) you oddly feel safer, and 3) you enjoy the benefits of being a major crossroads city in the middle of the country. Which means sometimes you even get to see a band twice on the same tour, and sometimes - if you are really lucky - it's one of your favorite bands and they are absolutely amazing live. I was thrilled to photograph Fitz & The Tantrums the last time they played Denver and this show was just as good, if not better. Fitz and Noelle give 1000% right from the beginning all the way through the end - with high energy dancing and absolutely incredible vocals. It feels like a friendly race between these two and the rest of the band, like who can pump more out to the crowd at any given moment.
Neon Trees Denver Pop Psychology

Neon Trees at Ogden Theatre

Note: Tickets were provided by Neon Trees but all photos and words are mine.
I saw Neon Trees live for the first time in 2011 when I was lucky enough to photograph Duran Duran and they were the opening act. I was blown away. I was beyond lucky when Neon Trees invited me back to photograph their Pop Psychology tour stop in Denver at the Ogden Theatre - not only because they have become one of my favorite bands musically - but I knew it would be crazy fun to shoot them as the headliner.
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