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Top Twitter In Denver, Colorado

Top Twitter People in Denver & Colorado

Everyone is posting their first-tweet and who-followed-them-first in celebration of Twitter's 8th birthday. Mine was a very benign "what is this thing about" type of comment in 2007, mainly to follow all the people I knew in Denver who had joined. All these years later I have found so many real (and imaginary) friends via Twitter, here in Colorado and around the world.
Riot Fest Denver

Riot Fest Denver 2013 -Day 2 Photos

The second day of Riot Fest at May Farms was quite an adventure. The wind kicked up, so the whole crowd (including me and Monika) looked like extras from a Clash video. Later in the day, a gigantic thunderstorm opened up over our heads and…

303 Day

Yesterday was 303 Day. Our area code in Denver is 303, so every March 3rd we Coloradans get a little local-centric, especially our indie music station, KTCL Channel 93.3, which plays bands from all over the state all day long.Another cool thing that KTCL does… – Bowling Ball 3 Photo Montage

My new clients through Giese Media are really blowing me away. I love how I get to combine all my skills and have a great time doing it.Case in point: how I do Tellerpalooza for Declan's school? I was thrilled to help with…

March Greeblemix Winners!

I was stoked to hear about what you are all up to this March. And you sound about as stoked as I am for Spring. We are definitely feeling Spring-like in Denver, with 50+ weather all week. I tell ya, I really need it. And…

Declan’s New "Brother"

We met Jeff almost exactly one month after our wedding. I remember it, because it was a concert put on by local indie station 93.3 and there was band after band playing at Fiddler's Green as we sat and baked in the hot sun all…
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