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Twenty One Pilots from night two of their sold out Red Rocks shows in 2016

Twenty One Pilots and Mutemath at Red Rocks

It's that time of year - Red Rocks season! Lots of great shows with headliners who bring in bands that could be headliners themselves. Twenty One Pilots had two massively sold out shows under the rocks recently with Mutemath accompanying them. I had not seen Mutemath before…
Twenty One Pilots - Denver Photos

Twenty One Pilots – Youth on Record Benefit

I am lucky to have worked with Youth On Record in the past and was thrilled to photograph their annual benefit show... this year featuring Twenty One Pilots. YES! Not only did Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun perform for a sold-out crowd at the 1,000-person Gothic Theatre,…
Best of 2014 Concert Photos Denver

My 40 Best Concert Photos from Denver 2014

This past year was amazing for music and concert photography in Denver. We are lucky to be one of those "crossroads" kind of towns, so we end up in the path of many tours... but also, as I say all the time: Denver has a GREAT music scene. So, my round up of best photographs includes bands from all over as well as Colorado, in pretty much every venue Denver has to offer. Thanks to all the cool people who have helped me, encouraged me and rocked my world musically this year. Here are my 40 favorite concert photos of 2014, in no particular order.
Best of 2014 - Recap

2014 Was A Really, Really Good Year

We had some bad years. Primarily they started with my mom getting sick and ending with me getting sick. 2013 started to turn things around, but last year was good. Really, really good. Sure, we are still struggling out of a financial hole from those…
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