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My Body Sings Electric Concert Photos

My Body Sings Electric 10th Anniversary with Slow Caves + Modern Suspects

Ten years is a long time for anything - especially a band. My Body Sings Electric celebrated a decade together this month with a series of shows up and down the front range, including Denver's Marquis Theater. They shared the festivities with Slow Caves and Modern Suspects, who made the night three times as fun. We've been friends with MBSE almost as long as they have been a band, so there was no way we were missing this show. I have talked about them so often, you'd think this blog was solely about them. But perhaps my favorite was this interview with Jason from a few years ago, where we find out how stinky Jeff is and that Brandon is missing some socks. Congratulations guys, on ten years - and here is to ten more!  ❤️

Modern Suspects Concert Photos

My Body Sings Electric - Slow Caves - Modern Suspects - Denver Concert Photos
My Body Sings Electric

My Body Sings Electric – Oskar Blues Xmas Party

One of the nice things about Christmas time are the Christmas concerts, especially when they are free shows featuring one of your favorite Denver bands. Oskar Blues Brewery brought us My Body Sings Electric at the Bluebird of the eve of Christmas Eve and it did…

My Body Sings Electric: Concert Photos from the Bluebird

The Denver music family really is a family. Recently, when My Body Sings Electric members Brandon and Nick jokingly started a Twitter fight (mostly about being in a van together for a long time), my response was to put them in online time-out. What these guys don't realize is that it's hard on us too when they tour because we don't like to share. So it was a packed house when MBSE returned to the Bluebird Theater recently, with also-awesome opening band Red Fox Run. Brandon had recently broken his foot (which had him wobbling in a boot), yet he still managed to jump around with the rest of the guys pretty well. The set list was a treat for long-time fans and included "Doctor," "Step Into The Light," as well as my two favorite songs back to back: "End of Summer" (which was used on a Kodak Times Square video) and "Oceancrest." I like to pretend that was done for me. But either way, you know a band loves you when you get the middle finger right into the camera. My Body Sings Electric 2015
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