September Greeblepix Winner + Weekend Plans?

Oh boy. It was another really close one. Only 9 votes separated Mishelle and Christina. But just like Thunderdome, there can only be one winner.

Michelle Win

I love how Mishelle captured the moment and mood of the barber shop SO PERFECTLY. And look at the reflections in the mirror!!!

But, I repeat OH BOY – alllllllllll the finalists were amazing this month.

Mishelle, email me for the fantaboulous $250 rental from Pro Photo Rental.


Everyone else, what is on tap for the weekend?

I will be shooting a friend’s wedding, actually. A friend who skates for the Denver Roller Dolls and who is having a food truck provide the munchies for her wedding. Can you even guess how excited I am to photograph this baby?!?!


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  1. Dad Needs A Drink

    Are we required by law to report that the barber is clearly a vampire?

  2. Sarah

    Congrats to Mishelle!

  3. Secret Agent Mama // Mishelle Lane

    So seriously jazzed!!! What a great bunch. I’m totally honored.

  4. Anonymous

    Congratulations Mishelle – great capture!

    Food truck wedding is it the Denver Biscuit Company? – my favorite!!- how fun! I am looking forward to the pictures!

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Actually – Stueben’s is at her wedding 🙂

  6. designHER Momma

    that is pretty much an awesome shot. If it were mine, I would hang it on my husbands side of the bathroom. So classic.

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