Speed Racer trumps real life, I guess…

I am supposed to be continuing my “100 Things To Do Before I Die” posts (I only made it to 1-25 and 26-50) but honestly, I must be the laziest person on the planet because I am having the hardest time coming up with the other 50. So I am going to let it percolate a little longer instead of trying to force it.

And then, the lovely ladies over at Mamarazzi had a link to what I consider a very controversial video that features a woman who practices extended breastfeeding, in this case until age 8. Yes, EIGHT. I posted the link on my mom’s board and it sparked a very thought-provoking and interesting discussion. One that I have some very strong feelings about, but honestly, one that I really can’t write about BECAUSE DID YOU NOTICE IT’S NEARLY MIDNIGHT ON A FRIDAY NIGHT? And yes, I realize I promised the last time once I said my peace, not once, but twice, on breastfeeding I would shut up, but this is different… and WHEN DO I SHUT UP, ANYWAY?

So, I will post more of my opinions later – but what do you think?

And finally, the main point I am trying to make before I pass out from exhaustion is that my crew from work checked out early today to go see Speed Racer. What is all the whining about, people? What’s with the hate? The movie was *exactly* what I expected it to be. Did the haters never watch the TV show? It’s silly! It’s fun! It’s simple! And now they added a crazy color scheme and awesome animation.

What’s not to love?!?!

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  1. creative-type dad

    What??? Breastfeeding until 8!?!

    I bet his whiskers are scratching her boobs.

  2. Karen

    I totally disagree with it and my thoughts are based purely on the fact that nutritionally, it is not necessary for a child that age to be receiving breast milk. If the mother is of the opinion her kid is getting all the nutrition it needs by supplementing the diet that way, then she needs to clearly reassess what she’s putting in that kid’s mouth other than her boob.

    I’m sorry if this upsets some people, but as a mother of two kids with food intolerances, it just takes thought and planning to give a balanced diet at that age and breastmilk is not needed.

  3. Karen

    Actually, another thought on this. How would people feel seeing a child of 8 drinking milk from a bottle? Most people would think it was time to move on to a normal cup perhaps?

  4. Noble Savage

    So it’s not the breastmilk you have a problem with, Karen, merely the breast it is delivered in? Because that’s the only way your bottle/cup comparison makes sense.

    I guess I just find it odd that most of us acknowledge that milk is important for children’s growth and health (not just in infanthood but for quite awhile in the developing years)but we’d rather that milk come from another ANIMAL (cow, goat, etc..) than ourselves. If you can make it, don’t mind it, and the kid wants and enjoys it, how is it ‘wrong’? Unless you’re saying that consumption of milk past a certain age is wrong as well.

  5. Noble Savage

    This video has been around for a couple years so I’ve seen it used as “Eww! Breastfeeding beyond infanthood is gross!” propaganda countless times. It’s attempt to portray something perfectly natural in an abnormal light by showcasing a family at the extreme end of the spectrum is pretty lame, IMO. I personally wouldn’t breastfeed an 8-year-old but I don’t pass judgment on other people’s personal lives. What they do is their business and if they’re all happy, more power to ’em. I’d be no more offended about this than a documentary about a woman who didn’t breastfeed any of her children. We can’t scream “It’s all about personal choice!” when it comes to the breast vs. bottle debate but then slam women for their choices when they make us uncomfortable. Btw, Aimee, I’m not directing this vent at you but the makers of this documentary, who I think wanted to make extended breastfeeders look like crazy hippies who psychologically damage their kids or something. I mean, yeah, eight is unusual to still be breastfeeding but why not make a documentary about the millions of kids that are breastfed until a more average age, like 3-4? It just seems purposely inflammatory.

  6. Nat

    Completely agree with Karen on this one.
    The whole point of breast feeding is to feed children because they can’t eat. (The bottle feeding analogy is good one.) As for safety and warmth, what happened to snuggling when the kids need it?

  7. PunditMom

    Ah, Speed Racer! My girlhood crush!

  8. Alida

    What IS with the hate. (I’m talking about Speed Racer.) I thought it was cool.

    On the breast-feeding front…I can’t really give an opinion. I breast-fed but I was one of those that the minute a tooth showed up, I weened. Bad mommy, I know.

    Eight does seem excessive.

    Although my five year old likes nothing better than to feel me up when we snuggle!

    Sometime I think we are all just so hung up on it because it’s a breast. Then again, eight does seem excessive. I said that already, sorry.

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