Vote for the April Greeblepix Finalists!

Wow. You guys make it harder and harder every month. I need to start popping antacids before downloading photos, because it is SO HARD! I say this every month, but THANK YOU for participating, and THANK YOU for going and checking out each other’s work. It really is SO COOL.

Now on to the hard stuff. One of these most excellent entries will win a $250 camera rental from Pro Photo Rental, so good luck to all the awesome finalists.


AGirlAndABoy – Pub Chess

Christina – Boys and a Car

Elizabeth Schwarz – Green House

Hannah – Butterfly Release

Kelli Martin – Eliza

Liz Whitaker – Glowing

Melia – An Officer and A Fence

Superdewa – Tulip Taxi

Tug – Play Ball

Vanessa – Bicycle Love



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  1. tcrpmg

    Voted! Best of luck to all that made it!

  2. agirlandaboy

    Wow! Beautiful, amazing, inspiring stuff! I’m honored to be included, Aimee!

  3. zipper

    Great picks/pics per usual! I am partial to the baseball shot myself, though. 😉

  4. Meghann

    Ack, both of my favorites made it! Um, eeny meeny miney, MO! *click*

  5. Jody

    Yipes! They’re all fantastic.

  6. kelli martin

    SO honored…..These are ALL AMAZING!!!!!!
    Thank you graciously Aimee……

  7. superdewa

    Thank you so much for choosing my photo! There are some beautiful photos in here. Other than my own, I’m partial to the bicycle.

  8. carrie

    Wow – they are all so different and unique in their own ways. Hard to vote for “just one.”

  9. Jerry Deese

    Awesome selection! It might be hard trimming it down to the top ten, but picking one out if these is really hard….

    Congrats to all the finalists!

  10. Jessica

    Wow, such amazing photographs!

  11. Hannah

    Thank you for choosing my photo- what an honor!

  12. angelynn

    Such beautiful photographs. Everyone did such an amazing job. Congratulations to all who were chosen! 🙂

  13. EAGCG

    Thanks for choosing my photo! I’m in such great company — they’re all wonderful photos.

  14. mayberry

    My son wanted to vote – he chose Pub Chess!

  15. monstergirlee

    Stunning photos this month Aimee, so much fun to explore and learn about new (to me) photogs.

  16. Christina

    Thanks for choosing my photo!

    Good luck to all of the finalist!

  17. Kelly

    Good luck everyone!! Great entries!!

  18. Tug

    Wow. I, too, am honored to be included, thank you! Much luck to everyone; there are some amazing photos here!

  19. lizw

    Loving all these photos! Thank you for including mine.

  20. chloebear

    great choices – i also am partial to the baseball – maybe cause it symbolizes spring!

  21. Suzanne

    I didn’t get a chance to vote, but if I had, I would have voted for Butterfly Release. Great job everyone!

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