Back to Square One

I won’t mince words: The Ativan made me feel like crap too. I am guessing that Benzodiazepines and I are not a match made in heaven.

So I go back to what I was doing before the sleep study – I take 3mg of Lunesta every evening and hope like the dickens I keep my mouth shut overnight. I am very disapointed we didn’t find the magic answer – but I suppose there rarely is an easy answer to anything, is there? Bryan is content with the muffled level of night terror the Lunesta gets me to, in exchange for not being a spacey, bummed out freak during day like I was on the Benzos.

Now we just need to get my health insurance to agree to continue paying for the damn things. Of course, I warned the gal at the sleep doc’s office that Lunesta would be denied because they had only extended my prescription through this month, meaning the doctor would have to call them and get me another year’s worth. Did she believe me? Of course not. Does that mean 5 more phone messages to the doc’s office and waiting for 4 more days for them to call my insurance and then 3 more days till United Healthcare agrees with them and then 2 more days to get the fucking pills in my grubby little hands?


It does.

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