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If you are interested in co-branding and promotional opportunities, having me cover an event, or letting me yammer on about blogs, social media, design or photography at your next conference, let me know.

I enjoy working on projects that match me, my life, my family and my readers. Most often that means music, concerts, festivals, travel and tech, but it could be anything! Examples of past and ongoing brand partnerships include Nintendo, PBS Kids/PBS, Coca Cola, Ford, AT&T, Riu Hotels and the ONE Campaign. I believe in transparency, the golden rule, and above all, honesty.

For Music Folks

I’m not a “music critic,” so I generally do not review music releases. I usually write from the place of a fan who is a photographer. Mostly, I cover concerts/festivals and/or interview bands, so let me know about your upcoming shows!

Aimee Giese


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