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Interview With Denver Band The Lost Dolls

Interview with Denver Band The Lost Dolls

After having been on a break, I'm getting back to chatting with people about music and the (hopeful) return of normalcy. Was happy to hear from a Denver band who I have not yet seen live, The Lost Dolls, and talk about what they have…
Interview With Dan Aid - Big Hearts Club

Interview With Dan Aid – Big Hearts Club & Beyond

I have chatted with Denver musician Dan Aid many times over the past few years... about his former band Wiredogs... about a more singer-songwriter style solo project... and of course as a friend when we could go see him perform in those bands or Authority…
Interview With Denver Band Eldren

Interview With Denver Band Eldren

Hooray! I was able to do another socially distanced interview with Denver band Eldren last week. Band leaders Nasir Malik and Tyler Imbrogno jumped on the phone with me to talk about their new single, "Fell In," their video series of cover songs, and how…

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New Denver Social Hall: Number 38 Bar, Restaurant & Venue in RiNo

Number Thirty Eight: New Denver Social Hall – Bar, Restaurant & Music Venue

Note: a portion of my tab was covered by Number Thirty Eight, but all words and photos are mine. "Did you change things for COVID, or was all this [waves hands] serendipitous?" That was my first question to Number Thirty Eight CEO Spencer Fronk as…
Review of Hotel Hoodoo Moab, Hilton Curio Collection

Hotel Hoodoo Moab, Hilton Curio Collection

I was a bit desperate for a getaway recently, and we found a lull in all the chaos of the world to head over to Moab, Utah, from Denver for a few days. It's about a six-hour drive, give or take traffic, and we mostly…
Halloween at YMCA of the Rockies & Snow Mountain Ranch

Fall at YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park & Snow Mountain Ranch

Looking for fun getaways with the family this Fall? For Halloween and Thanksgiving, YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park and Snow Mountain Ranch will offer safe and socially distant activities! Lodging reservations are available online​ or by calling 888-613-9622. (First-responders and hospital workers receive…

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At-Home Quarantine Date Night Ideas – Social Distance & Have Fun!

At-Home Quarantine Date Night Ideas – Social Distancing + Fun!

As we look at the possibility of winter and beyond that will continue being socially distanced from friends, I've been compiling a list of date night ideas. But, you know what? These ideas for diversion as couple transcend our COVID-19 life and could apply anytime.…
Music & Travel News - Denver Blogger

Greeblebits – August Edition

This month, the world is still on fire - literally - so I have been collecting lots of music news to try and remind us of what life was like before 2020 knocked us for a loop. Check out my news section for other editions,…
Drunk Wedding Podcast - Aimee & Bryan Giese

We Got Drunk and Talked About Our Wedding

(Just like everyone else) Our friends Jen and Mal started a podcast! But in typical awesome Jen and Mal fashion, it's on a fun topic and involves alcohol. Let's Get Drunk and Talk about Your Wedding. Bryan and I appeared on it recently, and talked…

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Hometown for the Holidays - HTFTH 2020 - KTCL Channel 93.3 Local Music Contest

Hometown For The Holidays Top Ten 2020 from KTCL Channel 93.3

It's officially the holidays, because we have our Top Ten bands for the Denver Hometown for the Holidays contest. Sure, 2020 has been crazy so it's affected everything, including HTFTH - but it's pretty much the only event that KTCL Channel 93.3 has been able…
Whamageddon in Lockdown - How to Play The Game 2020 COVID Style

Whamageddon Christmas Game in COVID Lockdown 2020

For years, my pal DJ Alf and I have played Whamageddon with such determined fierceness that we texted each other at least daily – if not hourly – with updates. Um, what *is* Whamageddon, anyway? It's that fun game where you try to avoid hearing…
CITRA - Denver Band - COncert Photos - The Oriental Theater - 2020

Denver Band CITRA: Concert Photos from The Oriental

It's no secret I am a big fan of CITRA; not only are they a great Denver band - but they are great friends. We were lucky to catch their very small show at The Oriental last weekend, with only a handful of fans –…

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Delicious & Different Two-Ingredient Cocktails - Simple Drink Recipes

8 Delicious & Different Two-Ingredient Cocktails

I have always been the gal who drinks light beer, especially at concerts. It's simple and everyone has it. But since being in quarantine, I have branched out a bit - while still keeping it simple. The first drink below (basically an overload of coconut)…
How To Host A Zoom Dance Party - Virtual Dance Party

How To Throw A Virtual Zoom Dance Party – Step By Step Instructions!

Since we are all craving going out right now, some friends invited us to a Zoom dance party last night. Honestly, it was one of the most fun things we have done since lockdown started. But, since several of us are tech-minded and we still…
Zoom Backgrounds Free Downloads - Nature & Travel

Virtually Escape with Zoom Backgrounds

I have been working remotely for nine years now. But I almost always have clients enter the meeting with video off under the guise (and truth!) that I am just going to share my screen. Since we have been in quarantine, clicking that link to…
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