My sinuses resemble an English Muffin.

With lots of nooks and cranies. That was the result of yesterday’s CT Scan. That, and I probably need surgery.

I have a slightly deviated septum (it’s actually more of a zig-zag) but the main problem is a I have several “Haller’s Cells” which are crannies that are not supposed to be there. He would go in and snip the edges of them to clear the pathway. Since I have Photoshop at my fingertips, I did a quick visual of the surgey via an artist’s rending of the sinuses. If you can’t figure out where the sinuses actually are, I don’t blame you.

He wants to wait till the results of my sleep study though, because – while nose blockages technically do not cause sleep apnea… what happens is the nose blocks and you can’t breathe so then you start sleeping with your mouth open, and over time your pallate elongates and blocks your breathing and THAT is what causes sleep apnea. The long, drawn-out point being, if I do have sleep apnea, I may require some throat surgery too and he would want to do it all together.

I still don’t quite buy the nose being the root of all my sleep problems, but I guess we’ll wait and see.

I have to admit though, reviewing my CT scan with the doctor was a bit like a scene from the movie Innerspace. I was making all the twists and turns in my little imaginary rocketship and the doctor finally had to tell me to shut up when I started making wooshing noises.

Some people have zero sense of humor.

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