Speaking of Embarrassing Songs

When I posted about my 6 Guilty Pleasures, I mentioned that I love silly songs and listen to them over and over. As a sign of my maturity (stop laughing) and an acceptance of my dorkiness, I am now willing to discuss these songs, where in the past I would have denied them till my dying day.

Here is a sampling of songs I absolutely love, and nearly crash the car in ecstasy every time they come on the radio.

Good Vibrations – Marky Mark
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven – Phil Collins
C’est La Vie – Robbie Nevil
Heart and Soul – T’Pau
Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley
Whatta Man – En Vogue and Salt N Peppa
I Touch Myself – The Divinyls

Go ahead, make fun! But be sure to tell us about the silly song that you love but are embarrassed to talk about.


P.S. 30 Days of Thanks
I’m thankful that I am still a huge dork, but that I just have learned to appreciate how fun it can be.

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    I like the Troggs version of Wild Thing and Love is All Around. I love the Troggs. Please don’t tell. I like a lot of those UK pre-British invasion bands..

  2. Joan

    I secretly listen to these songs: Extreme’s “More than Words”, Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind”, The Righteous Brothers “Unchained Melody”, and Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Compares 2 U”

  3. Nancy

    We all have our doek music.

    My post of 7/6 was when I came out of the closet and admitted to liking the Carpenters …when I was still in high school *gasp* … and I still love Karen’s voice.

  4. Gregg

    For the record, I never turn off “Good Vibrations” or “Heart and Soul” when I hear them on the radio.

    My comment involves more of a sappy song than a silly song, but it fits the title of this post sooo well…I couldn’t help but add my two cents.

    Remember the, um, Christian metal (I guess) band from the ’80s called Stryper? They wore black- and yellow-striped spandex and preached the Word of God while banging on their electric guitars.

    They had a song called “Honestly.” I have that song on my DellPod.

    I’m not proud of it.
    But I won’t delete it, either.

    Quick side note:
    Dorks of the world unite! :O)

    (I found your blog on NaBlahBlahBlah, Aimee, and am enjoying it very much.)

  5. Nat

    Oh my… good grief. Good list, I wanna know what’s wrong with some of those songs. I love What a Man .. Love that. Good scenery in that video. I also loved Free your Mind. I looked just like that in the late 80s. Really. Except whiter and fatter.

    I adore Groove is in the Heart by Dee-Lite. It’s the modern teenie-bopper stuff I am most ashamed of well.. because it’s crap so. FTR:
    — Yeah by Usher
    — In Da Club 50 Cent.
    — Cry Me a River, JT who I have sicko crush on. Really.
    — Toxic (talk about prophetic) by Britney…

    Sigh. Just embrace your inner teenie-bopper. If I don’t mine gives me acne.

  6. Flower Child

    What’s wrong with Whatta Man and I Touch Myself? I secretly enjoy Celine Dion songs. I can’t explain why. Please don’t tell my husband.

  7. Sarah O.

    ABC’s The Look of Love never fails to make me laugh and feel good. I’ll never live down the time my best friend caught me raucously singing along with it while driving through town.

  8. crabapple

    AHA–Take On Me. Perfect song to listen to while running on the treadmill . Kajagoogoo-Too Shy. Goody Two Shoes–Adam Ant. I’m on board with Good Vibrations and T’Pau too. Can’t believe anyone remembers T’Pau.!

  9. Tree

    Very first song to pop into my head when I think of guilty pleasure songs is C&C Music Factory’s Gonna Make You Sweat. I have very good memory association with that song and it never ceases to make me grin. It is always on my playlists!

  10. soccer mom in denial

    Ok – I LOVE GOOD VIBRATIONS (and it is Mah-kee Mahk, please) AND ANYTHING BY RICK ASTLEY!!!!! Oh, how I lurve you, Aimee.

    Off the top of my head (although I have that lady singing in there – “it’s just a good vibra-shunnn!!”)

    I’m with crabapple about A-Ha (I saw them in concert).

    CeCe Penniston – Finally
    Spin Doctors – Two Princes
    Gabrielle – You Gotta Be

  11. Sue at nobaddays

    Oh my goodness … Never Gonna Give You Up. My brother used to do a goofy dance to that as a teenager. It still cracks me up every time I hear it. LOVE IT!

  12. Dublin City Girl

    Yes!! I’m with you on Rick Astley and this is the first time (and the last) I’ll admit it.

    And AHA, like crabapple said. And Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue… And all those songs from my favorite 80’s dance movies: Flashdance, Fame and Footloose.

  13. painted maypole

    more than words is one I love, like Joan. Actually, a lot of those late 80s/early 90s hair bads -Warrant, Skid Rowe, etc.

    and ANYTHING by Prince.

  14. Betty Underground

    Oh, you had to say it… a few months back there was this horrible blogger game wherein they would write something wickedly intriguing and leave you hanging for the ending with only a link. A link presumably would take you to the climactic end.

    Instead, it linked here.

  15. carrie

    I love those songs!!!!

    Anything by Hall & Oates is silly and embarrassing and I totally dig if they come on the radio!

  16. Keetha

    Heart and Soul is an awesome song. Yeah, I said it. I remember that one as well as I Touch Myself. Great hits! Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  17. TX Poppet

    Frankie Goes To Hollywood. There I’ve said it. No, you do not need to know athat I had all their albums including the Japanese remixes. Do I occassionally slip into the “Relax” dance when I’m on the treadmill at the gym? Well…

  18. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    OMG, many of you have brought up others that should have been on my list! We just got home from Estes Park, but I will update my post later! Love it!!!

  19. samantha jo campen

    Never gonna give you up!
    Never gonna let you down!
    Never gonna run around
    And desert you!

    Never gonna make you cry!
    Never gonna say good-bye!

    Rock on! And sadly no, I did NOT have to look up those lyrics. All in my head baby!

    Oh, and how about Mr. Big’s “Just To Be With You”? LOVE IT!

  20. kat

    I’m all about 80’s music – hair bands, new wave, Brit pop, bubble gum US pop, you name it, I love it. It drives my husband absolutely crazy. And I still love Salt n Pepa (they’re on two of my workout mixes and always on the shuffles/playlists – even in the hubby’s iPod)

  21. Kim

    LOVE T’Pau! I don’t know why but Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus is the one I turn up loud, but it doesn’t play on the radio very often.

    Hey, I tagged you for a meme! Hope you’ll play along!

  22. Karen

    I love the fact you all love the British bands. When it comes to cheese we’re world leaders!

    Some of mine are Tragedy by Steps, anything by Wham, Heart of Glass by Blondie, China In Your Hand (T’Pau). I saw T’Pau in concert on their Rage tour and they were fantastic!

    And there’s also Spandau Ballet, Modern Romance, Kajagoogoo, Prince, Madonna (Like a Virgin), Culture Club (can’t beat a bit of Boy George, Karma Karma karma Chameleon, you come and gooooo, you come and go ho ho ho..ooh, loving would be easy if your colours were like my dreams, red gold and green

    oh yes, singing from the heart and no songbook – all in the head too!

    I love this post!

  23. sue

    I’ll just say it once, and then we will never speak of it again.


    Yeah. That’s all I need say. (Damn, how can a gay guy be so hot)

  24. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Oh, Sue… go look at my profile. I declare Wham! loud and proud.

  25. Sarah

    I love me some Rick Springfield.

  26. jess

    OHHHH i love heart and soul by t’pau!!

    and my list of “Songs I’m Embarrassed to Admit that I Like” is long. i think you’ve inspired me to write a blog post!

  27. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    ha ha Cupcake, that *is* tragic. Just listen to Under Pressure instead. ;))

  28. evilpinkcupcake

    I’m truely sorry but if I need to get up and get moving ASAP one and only one song makes me start shaking my butt, and I am so terribly ashamed….



    I know… it’s tragic

  29. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    TFO. OMG, Both those soongs, totally. And the whole Foreigner Four album.

  30. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And P.S. How Much I Feel is in my iTunes.

  31. TFO

    How Much I Feel by Ambrosia, Photograph by Def Leppard, i could go on but i’d need a few minutes to think.

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