Underground Music Showcase

SPELLS at UMS 2015

For my final post from the Underground Music Showcase 2015, I'm basically just all about how fun the band SPELLS is. For a music festival as large at UMS, you try and get around to so many bands... but sometimes you have a great day…

Underground Music Showcase (UMS) 2015: Photos Day 3

As I keep plowing through my thousands upon thousands of photos from Denver's Underground Music Showcase, I now have Day 3 ready to go. Saturday at the music festival is ALWAYS my favorite because of the SpokesBUZZ party. This non-profit does so many great things…
UMS Logo 2015

Bands Playing UMS 2015

The Denver Post's Underground Music Showcase (UMS) is one of the largest music festivals of summer in Colorado, with more than 400 bands playing. Many of those bands are local and regional but we also have musicians from around the world coming to South Broadway…
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