Judy Collins - 2016 Interview

Judy Collins Interview (Yes, THAT Judy Collins!)

I was born in 1970, which means the music of Judy Collins was woven into the fabric of my childhood. When I was asked to interview her, I was honored and humbled. This incredible singer continues to make magic and will be appearing at Boettcher Hall on Mother's Day, performing the songs of Stephen Sondheim.
Tell me about your new project. I am very excited about it - and have been waiting to pull this together for a long time. I love "Send In The Clowns" which was written by Stephen in 1973 and my recording of it was his first top ten hit. We will be performing a bouquet of my favorite Sondheim songs, in the beautiful Boettcher Hall. I will interweave some of my other classics, of course, but it will truly be a “A Love Letter to Stephen Sondheim.”
Interview With the Band Foals

Interview With Foals’ Walter Gervers

You know that song "Mountain At My Gates," right? Even if you think you don't, you do. Foals' new album What Went Down has lots of great songs, but that one in particular is finally getting this decade-old English band some radio airplay. I was lucky enough to get on the phone with Foals bass player Walter Gervers this week before their upcoming concert at the Ogden Theatre.

Interview with Walter Gervers from the band Foals

I have heard Foals described in many ways… what style of music do you call it? That is the hardest question we get asked, because we scavenge so many things from different styles. We're definitely a rock band. But we can have heavy punk, and do a ballad, and we are all influenced by dance music too. I guess you could say we are a musical hamper (laughs).
CITRA - Denver Rock Band

CITRA: Interview with New Denver Band

Recently I sat down with 3/4's of a new Denver band called CITRA. Brandon, Augie and Sean met me for margaritas at Mezcal while Dan was home with the flu. I had been enjoying their debut EP Ocean and was excited to chat.

Welcome to Denver, CITRA

Brandon and Augie are recent transplants from Milwaukee but didn't know each other before arriving in Denver, while Sean is from Philly and Dan grew up in Florida. I thought they were joking as they called themselves a "Craigslist Band" - but it's true. For the most part, Brandon put an ad out and found the others that way. It came together quickly though; they started playing in October and finished the EP in four months. Personally, I couldn't believe how polished it sounded but the guys explained how they had all been playing in bands for years and also, Augie is an audio tech for his 9 to 5. Ahh - it all makes sense now.
Tyto Alba - Interview with Denver Band

Tyto Alba Interview and Video Release

Recently I got on the phone to chat with Tyto Alba, a Denver indie rock band who debuted their new video single at Syntax Physic Opera over the weekend. Melanie, Matt, Danny and Jeremy were super fun to talk with and I love the new song. Denver Band Tyto Alba

Tyto Alba Interview:

What does the name "Tyto Alba" mean?

It's actually the scientific name for barn owls, but we just loved the way it sounded.
Dan Aid - Denver Music

Interview with Dan Aid: New Album, New Direction

If you have been around the Denver music scene for any length of time, you have probably seen one of Dan Aid's bands. I have photographed his most recent group, Wiredogs, on many occasions and was excited to hear his solo EP, The Quiet Place. It's different from his punk rock roots. Moody. Mellow. Dare I say... pretty? Very cool to see a different side of someone you would think, from a Wiredogs show, is a aggressive person. But he's not. He's very approachable. Humble. Dare I say... nice? We met up last week during Rachael Yamagata's show at Larimer Lounge to chat. Dan Aid 2015

ParkerGames Interview at Super League Gaming in Denver

Do your kids play Minecraft? Of course they do. Every kid on the planet does, right? As a parent, I am super impressed with the game because of the creativity, resourcefulness and collaboration it inspires. Not to say I actually understand how it all works - but my 12 year old son Dex sure does. It's pretty much what he did all summer, y'all. And the Minecraft got even more organized when Super League Gaming came to Denver and held an event in our local movie theater. We got a taste of what the actual League is like (Fall registration open NOW for cities all over) when a bunch of kids and their parents set up on laptops and played various challenges against each other on the biggest gaming screen you have ever seen (yes, in the actual movie theater). Dex's best game was 4th place, but he was more stoked to meet and interview the event's special guest Parker, aka You Tube star ParkerGames. Minecraft Gaming With Friends in a Movie Theater
Spandau Ballet 2015

Interview with Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet - The StorySeeing as I am a teen from the 80s, of course I was excited when I saw that Spandau Ballet was going on an American tour for the first time in 28 years. When their PR firm reached out and asked me to do an interview with Tony Hadley, it was a "dancing in your office" kind of day. This is one of that group of bands who are the soundtrack of my life. The crazy thing is when Tony got on the phone with me, he was incredibly nice, incredibly candid about the band's break up ... and had lots to say about what they're up to now as well as what he's doing personally. I went from fan girl to someone who is genuinely intrigued with this band... who had such massive success, then imploded, worked independently for 20+ years, and came back together to celebrate the past as well as record new material. In addition to the new music, there was a documentary about them called Soul Boys of the Western World that premiered at SXSW last year. It was this film that derailed my chances of seeing (and photographing) Spandau Ballet because right after I interviewed Tony, they where able to secure American distribution of the movie, for which they rerouted the tour - and had to drop the Denver date. You can imagine my disappointment! Still, I had my chat with Tony which was absolutely lovely, and I look forward to seeing the film. Friends in LA who saw the shows there said they was fantastic, so I will include the rest of the tour dates below.

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