Author: Aimee

LP - Denver Concert Photos and Review

LP at Ogden Theatre Denver

I am not sure how singer songwriter LP has slipped under my radar for so long, seeing as she has been recording her own music and writing major hits since the early 00's, but I am now fully aware of how incredible she is. LP…

Half•Alive and Joan at Globe Hall

Have you heard "Still Feel" by Half•Alive yet? If not, go listen now. I'll wait. It's one of those infectious tunes that you put on repeat for hours and never get tired of. That's pretty much what this band feels like in concert too. They…
Gnash and Mallrat Concert Photos Denver

Gnash and Mallrat at Bluebird Theater

I love seeing bands on their first tour through Denver, especially when they have already made an impression on the fans. Both Gnash (the G is silent) and Mallrat had the crowd singing along with them and were seemingly surprised by it. Opener Mallrat has…

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