Blue Sunday

It’s snowing in Denver. Again. We must have 8 more inches on the ground.

So, I forced Declan to A) go shopping with me, because I was not going to let one more snowflake rule my life and B) let me take pictures of him because, well, because I wanted to. And he had this adorable new blue fleece we procured during Part A of my plan.

Maybe snow on a Sunday ain’t so bad after all.

(Click on any photo to see the large version)

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  1. Tree

    I love those photos.

  2. aimee

    come visit me and *all this* can be yours.

  3. TxGambit

    Oh wow! Those are amazing!!

    Love the one with his hands over his mouth. It just is sooo cute.

    You got talent and a cute kid, what more could you want?

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