One plan that didn’t go awry…

It’s my mom’s last night in town and we met up with Jeff and Danielle for yummy, delicious and very fatful German food at Café Berlin this evening. Since Denver has continued it’s Friday streak and received about more 8 inches of snow today, I called Café Berlin to confirm they were staying open this evening. They scoffed at me and said of course they were staying open. Bryan then reminded me that the Germans didn’t let a hard winter stop them from tromping into Russia, so like 8 measly inches were going to stop them??? Hellooo!

So, finally… finally, we got a special dinner out! And it was a nice end of the week celebration for a nice week of having my mom here. And it was definitely yummy… and delicious… and fatful. And the very devious duo of Jeff and Danielle somehow maneuvered the bill onto their credit card before any of us knew what was happening, so we have them to thank for the festivities as well.

On the ride home, I also made Bryan veer off into a snowbank to let me snap some pics of the City and County building all lit up for the holidays… seeing as the holiday lights will be going bye-bye soon. Actually, all holiday lights should be down by tomorrow (12th Night, the Epiphany, or the night wise men arrived) if you don’t want bad luck for the year… but seeing as everything is buried in white stuff right now, I think I am gonna have to tempt fate a little bit and let the holiday decorations sit up on the house a little later than usual this year.

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