Breakin’ My Stride

Last night I had my first night night terror in the month of January. Considering that January is always my worst month – where I usually have the evil beasties at least 3-4 times a week… to have my first one midway through the month is nothing short of a miracle. Hallelujah for the drugs, man.

And Bryan says it was a mild one… were I sat up, gasped loudly and then laid back down and went to sleep again. What you would call a Category 1 night terror. My Category 4 and 5 night terrors involve thrashing around, punching Bryan, screaming, seeing people in the room (and I mean vividly seeing people in the room), feeling spiders crawling on me, etc.

And people wonder why I have given Bryan insomnia.

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  1. MPPs Mom

    I am really happy to hear this has gotten better.
    Christina 🙂

  2. Heidi

    Thank God this has finally gotten better and YEAH Bryan gets to sleep better too!! LOL

  3. aimee

    Thanks… another few nights free and clear… it’s a January miracle…

  4. Anonymous

    …Well, i’ve been told i do the same thing!

    I hope moderately i learn to controle it,
    Ha, Tho It happens so randomly that, if i where to understand it was happppening i’d have a clearer assumption, apart from that,

    on a Better note, If I do sleep talk, i hope im full of positive things to say, whereas sometimes I forget!

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