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List of Denver & Colorado Music Blogs

We have a such a great concert and music scene here in Colorado. In Denver, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Boulder - bands are crazy good all over. Check out these Denver music blogs for your news and concert photos, both local and national! 303 Magazine…
Letter From Santa

Letter From Santa

We have been playing a lot of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" since Easter. Declan has REALLY wanted to believe in Santa, but intellectually, he knows the truth. We are not all that religious even though we do celebrate Christmas... but we do believe in faith.…

Forty Funny Twitterers

Apparently, last night, at the Westword Web Awards, I was named Denver's Top Twitterer. I say "apparently" because I wasn't there and I don't quite believe it. But lots of people told me, so it must be true. Oh, and it's up on their site,…

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