Rdio To Spotify

Export Rdio Playlists, Import Them To Spotify

If you are reading this, you probably heard the news this week about Rdio shutting down. It's been everywhere. I just wish all these tech journalists had talked more about this great music streaming service before they filed for bankruptcy. I, as a rabid Rdio user, have been at a bit of a loss as to where to go from here. Pandora bought the tech of Rdio and plans to incorporate it, but that's at least an year away. I do like Pandora, but I am a person who cultivates my own music (no matter what Jimmy Iovine thinks.) There is Apple Music, but my iTunes application crashes every other time I open it. So, until things get sorted out, I have turned to Spotify. I have to say, the user interface is much better than in years past - although I am already missing the music discovery based on what your friends listened to - that thing Rdio provided so well. Either way, my first response when I heard the news was, "WHAT ABOUT ALL MY PLAYLISTS???" I have so many of them with hundreds and hundreds of songs in each.
Giveaway from AT&T Denver

Goodies Giveaway from AT&T Denver!

I was able to catch up with my friends at AT&T in Denver right before I went away on vacation and they were kind enough to give me a nearly-wallet size charger to take with me to Costa Rica. This thing is so small and self-contained, in that the plug to the phone and the wall charger tuck up into itself. It charges up super fast and gives an iPhone about 1 fill-up. Perfect for stuffing in my backpack (or back pocket) on the road! iPhone Charger
Tech Tips for Families

Family Tech Tips With AT&T’s Smart Limits

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by AT&T but all words and opinions are mine.
Our son Dex is about to turn 13, so we continue to slowly expand his freedoms on the phone. In the beginning, we had really strict policies about who he could text, but as he goes through middle school - he is gaining more casual friends that he wants to - and should be able to - communicate with on the regular. But how do we allow him more wiggle room while still being protective? AT&T introduced me to their Smart Limits service and app... it's been the perfect compromise for us.

Before that, how about a refresher on tech tips for families?

Family Tech Tips

ParkerGames Interview at Super League Gaming in Denver

Do your kids play Minecraft? Of course they do. Every kid on the planet does, right? As a parent, I am super impressed with the game because of the creativity, resourcefulness and collaboration it inspires. Not to say I actually understand how it all works - but my 12 year old son Dex sure does. It's pretty much what he did all summer, y'all. And the Minecraft got even more organized when Super League Gaming came to Denver and held an event in our local movie theater. We got a taste of what the actual League is like (Fall registration open NOW for cities all over) when a bunch of kids and their parents set up on laptops and played various challenges against each other on the biggest gaming screen you have ever seen (yes, in the actual movie theater). Dex's best game was 4th place, but he was more stoked to meet and interview the event's special guest Parker, aka You Tube star ParkerGames. Minecraft Gaming With Friends in a Movie Theater

Guide To Mobile Web Sites

Recently I was honored to speak for my first time at the annual BlogHer conference. I participated in the Geek Bar, which focused on technology and, personally, I focused on getting blogs and web sites mobile-ready in light of the recent changes Google made regarding being responsive to both search engines and our readers. Here is a synopsis of my talk. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have in the comments! Make Your Site Mobile Ready
Online Safety For Children

Online Safety Tips for Kids (And Their Parents!)

[caption id="attachment_9440" align="alignright" width="160"].ME Top Level Domain Name This post is part of a sponsored series from Domain.ME[/caption] This blog is a decade old. Seeing as my son is almost 13, he is has grown up online - at least in these archives. It has been an interesting learning experience for him, and us, as he's grown. I used his real name when I started because many other mom bloggers were making up cutesy names and I figured "Greeble" was goofy enough. That came back to bite us when his friends first learned how to Google each other and started reading stories about his diaper rash. Super quickly many posts got moved to "private" to protect his privacy. It even changed the whole tenor of the site: as he has grown up, there are less stories about him here because the stories are not mine to tell. I have always been a bit of a stickler for following the COPPA age 13 standard for social networks. I recognize that every family finds their own way, but in addition to being a rule follower - having a public blog has taught me things about dealing with the online world. As Dex approaches this milestone, we have been prepping him, taking things slowly and learning about the every evolving landscape together.
LGG4 Sweepstakes

Win A LG G4 4K from AT&T! (Plus Photo Tips & Review)

I received an LG G4 and compensation for this post but all words and photos (except for promotional materials) are mine.
I love working with AT&T because I get to check out all kinds of phones. I had heard some buzz about the new LG G4 and was excited to play with it, most especially because of its camera abilities. As a photographer, I am continually blown away at the features now available in smartphones that mimic DSLRs, or in some cases, take advantage of the strengths of the phone that surpass the DSLR. In the case of the LG G4, the front-facing camera has three modes: Simple, Auto, and Manual. Simple is just as simple as is sounds; there is nothing on the screen so you just touch it to capture a photo. Auto does everything for you although you do have some control over things like flash. Manual is truly full-fledged manual with shutter speed, white balance, ISO, exposure, and histograms. LG G4 Manual Mode

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