The Charlatans & Ride - Denver Concert Photos - Ogden Theatre

The Charlatans UK & Ride at Ogden Denver

I hate to say “the 90s are back” because it’s not like they ever left – for me, at least. However, as a slew of bands are mounting tours to celebrate anniversaries and albums, Denver was treated to The Charlatans (UK) and Ride doing just that. I believe the bands alternated headlining during their joint tour, and for us, The Charlatans went first and Ride second.

Tim Burgess, who also defies any age categorization, bounced around the stage with a massive smile on his face. They played 1992’s Between 10th & 11th, followed by other tunes, including my fave, “The Only One I Know.” (Yes, I understand how basic that is.) Burgess’ voice is still on point while bassist Martin Blunt, guitarist Mark Collins, and keyboardist Tony Rogers were there to bring that 1/3 pop, 1/3 rock, 1/3 club feeling The Charlatans are known for. (Sadly, co-founding keyboardist Rob Collins and drummer Jon Brookes have passed.)

All I know is The Ogden was packed early, so obviously everyone was ready for whoever was playing first, and they just got louder when Ride came out.

They played their debut album, 1990’s Nowhere – music that often places them in “Best Shoegaze Bands” lists. Having said that, I felt like Ride translates to a much harder rock band than I expected, and I am not complaining. The band comprises vocalists and guitarists Andy Bell and Mark Gardener, drummer Laurence “Loz” Colbert, and bassist Steve Queralt. Bell joined Oasis in 1999 (and we know what happened there), but Ride reunited in 2014 and has released two albums since.

2023 is really showing promise as an extraordinary year for shows. I saw quite a few friends at this one, and we were all blown away by both bands. I’m guessing since it was the first time I had seen either of them, it’s unlikely they will reunite and tour together again any time soon – but I, for one, am putting in my request now.

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The Charlatans – Denver Concert Photos

Ride – Denver Concert Photos

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