CHVRCHES at Mission Ballroom - Denver Concert Photos

CHVRCHES at Mission Ballroom

CHVRCHES is one of those bands who are so incredible live they can play both Denver and Boulder back to back, but I was lucky to see them at Mission Ballroom, our new(ish) venue that helped these Scottish indie-pop pros strut their stuff in the best way. Last time I photographed them was 2015, so it was way overdue.

Lead singer Lauren Mayberry is all over the stage while still maintaining her strong vocals. Several costume changes also convey some powerful feelings, matching their new album, Screen Violence. Lauren’s bandmates Iain Cook and Martin Doherty round out the indie electronica vibes, mainly from the shadows. I mean, honestly – for their live show at least – Lauren is definitely the one to watch.

CHVRCHES continue their tour in Europe this spring, including some festivals there. Provided we continue to be able to see some music in 2022, hopefully they add some American ones as well.

CHVRCHES – Denver Concert Photos

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