“How did you guys meet?” “Twitter.” That’s the answer for so many of our IRL friends, especially here in Denver/Boulder which embraced the bird app early. Some people may not get the mourning and pain tweeps are going through right now but the sad thing…
Greeblehaus Blog Anniversary- 17 Years

Happy 17th Birthday, Greeblehaus!

It sounds extremely weird to say it, but this blog turned 17 years old this week. Seventeen. That is 1/3 of my life. Seventeen years that I have been pouring my heart and soul into this online digest. I often say I started as a…

Guide To Mobile Web Sites

Recently I was honored to speak for my first time at the annual BlogHer conference. I participated in the Geek Bar, which focused on technology and, personally, I focused on getting blogs and web sites mobile-ready in light of the recent changes Google made regarding…
Roar Retreat Recap - Costa Rica Travel

Roar Retreat Recap

The past two months have been full of travel, new experiences, learning... plus seeing old friends while making new ones. The event that brought me to Costa Rica was Roar Retreat, a social media conference for professional bloggers. The idea for ROAR was hatched by two clients over a year ago, because Andrea Fellman and Nadia Carriere loved how the best ideas happen in the halls between sessions. Their dream came to fruition last month when around 35 women traveled out of the country for intimate networking in a gorgeous location, the Westin Playa Conchal. Personally, I vote for every conference to be held at all-inclusive resorts from now on, forever and ever, amen.
Facebook Emotion Study

Facebook Is Unethical

I tried not to be dramatic about it, but I sort of left Facebook. Problem is you can never really leave Facebook. At least not when you manage over 10 accounts for clients and you have a blog and you go to log-in on random…
Top Twitter In Denver, Colorado

Top Twitter People in Denver & Colorado

Everyone is posting their first-tweet and who-followed-them-first in celebration of Twitter's 8th birthday. Mine was a very benign "what is this thing about" type of comment in 2007, mainly to follow all the people I knew in Denver who had joined. All these years later I have found so many real (and imaginary) friends via Twitter, here in Colorado and around the world.

My New Home

When I started my blog in 2005, I picked the name Greeblemonkey because Greeble and Monkey were my son's two nicknames while I was pregnant. Over the years, it became more my name than his. Especially Greeble, which people around Denver call me on a…