Imaginary Friends

Yesterday, I was so overwhelmed with CD-making (oh, and my JOB) that I forgot to mention my latest post at Mile High Mamas. I am actually really proud of it, so I am going to promote it, even though it is yesterday’s news.


Do your kids have imaginary friends?

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  1. Sarah

    Great post over there. Loved it.

  2. monstergirlee

    Great post! My son had a whole imaginary family that disappeared quite suddenly after my daughter was born. No “friends” tho.
    Oh, his brothers names were Appetizer and Auger. uh-huh.

  3. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Thanks all!

    And Lisa, you and Declan sound like two peas in a pod!!! ūüôā

  4. Lisa

    Enjoyed reading that. I don’t have any kids, but I had seven imaginary friends when I was younger. Apparently, these friends didn’t like to pee and I frequently chased them around the house with my pink potty.

  5. JennyMoose

    I just finished a great book called, If You Could See Me Now, written from the point of view of the “Imaginary” friend, who of course is real. It was sweet, funny and cute.

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