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OK, OK, so we got slaughtered last night. And even if we continue to get slaughtered for the whole of the World Series – who cares?


My pal Allison and I have ribbing each other because that’s what people do when their sports teams play each other on a national stage. She sent me a column this morning from the Globe which I admit was hilarious, but prompted this post. Kevin Cullen wonders:

If the Rockies lose the World Series, most people in Colorado will go:

A. into a deep depression.
B. straight to the fridge and grab another cold Coors Light.
C. skiing.

If you answered C, then you understand Coloradans all too well and need not read any further.

Kevin Cullen hasn’t been listening to the radio where all the jocks are talking World Series non-stop. He hasn’t been driving down our streets where all the merchants have signs up rooting for the Rockies (and making comments about some chowda heads here and there too, doh!). He wasn’t in the hippie restaurant where I ate dinner last night and my dread-head waitress asked me what the score was and in turn made sure to let all the other leftie vegan wannabes in residence knew we were still 0-0 (um, at that point).

Sure, we’re not crazed {waving hands in air and rolling eyes around}. We’re young. We’re virile. We’ve only been at this a little while now.

And even though it may appear I am ambivalent about the game, I have major pride in my team and hometown. Yes, Denver is my hometown. I moved here just as the Rockies got started. This place has grown into my heart during that time to become my home.

So, win, lose or draw… those guys are good people. They play hard and performed a miracle to be where they are. I am still a believer.

Even if only to be able to send Allison a “nanny nanny boo boo” email.

Because that’s what sports is all about, right?!?


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  1. monstergirlee

    Hey! Its the World Series – if you can’t become a fan when your hometown hero’s are in the series of a lifetime – then when ever will they?
    Been there, done that in Minneapolis in 1987 and 1991. It gets insane when you win.

  2. Sarah

    LOL! Fun post! Hope your Rockies do great tonight!

  3. Gretchen

    Aimee—I’m with you. We don’t have season tickets and only catch regular season games on TV occasionally, but we are excited they made it so far—and it isn’t over yet! It’s great for the whole region.

  4. Anonymous

    Even if they lose, it’s a fun ride!!!

  5. soccer mom in denial

    The comments have been slow on my GO SOX post. Let’s see what happens here.

    I do have to ask – what is up with the Rox jersies? Are they muscle shirts?

  6. Alpha DogMa

    Of course most of Canada is rooting for the Rockies because their pitcher — Jeff Francis — is Canadian. But I’ve many many relatives in Boston so I won’t shed a tear if the Sox take it.

  7. Queeny

    I’m not into baseball but I wish your team the best of luck.

  8. Mitch McDad

    I still guarantee victory!

  9. Tree

    Perhaps Denver is so Rockey-crazy because the Broncos are not very good this year? hm?


    As you know, I am torn because I am a native Denverite, but married to a hard-core Red Sox fan. Growing up in Denver in the ’70’s, the Rockies were a hockey team, not a baseball team. So it is hard to feel the same allegiance as I do for the Broncos. Nevertheless, they have done a great job in the past few months to earn their way to the World Series. I hope it continues to be a great Series.

  10. Shelly

    ITA with Aimee that it’s great the Rockies made it this far. And, another loss, who cares, they’ve already proven themselves as the come back kids-maybe they can do it again!

    soccer mom-those are vests, and lots of MLB teams wear them. I think they look good on the guys who wear loose shirts under them, but not those tighty Under-Armor things-yuck.

  11. Anonymous

    OK, so another loss last night, they are coming to the MILE HIGH CITY on Saturday and getting a taste of OUR HOUSE!

  12. Anonymous

    With the second highest payroll in baseball (143 million, I’d expect the Socks to win a couple games.

    (I misspelled “Sox” intentionally – their fans have mocked the fact that our team is called the “Rockies.” At least ours isn’t named after smelly footwear.)

  13. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    LOL Anonymous!!! Great point!

  14. sam

    I’ll just hope no one gets hurt. I’m really not a fan. ūüėČ

  15. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    In the daze of my “I really need to go to sleep-ness” I just remembered something else I wanted to add to this post:

    *I DON’T SKI!!!!!!*


  16. Dude

    Let’s hope they rock the house tonight!!!!

  17. Bryan

    I think we still have a chance. If we all pull together and think positive, we can win this thing!

    It’s best of 7 so we still have 3 more games to prove ourselves!

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