I told you it was going to be a massive photo week! If you followed my tweets today, you saw I had my first architectural photo shoot evah (and that I thought went rather well if I do say so myself)… but for now, here are the photos from dinner at Julie/Mothergoosemouse’s pad from last weekend.

Little Miss CJ has turned into such a fun little girl. Seriously. I could take photos of her all night. Oh yeah. I did.
Welcomes From CJ!

Who can it be??? Oliver! We finally met the little bugger. And damn he is cute. And damn he looks like Tacy.
Bubble Mouth

This is where I was teaching him to pray to piss off Julie and Kyle.

One of my favorite shots of the boy. (and mom).
Mom with Oliver

This is Bryan’s “I am tolerating you” face. More amusing, though, notice the incredibly long gray eyebrow hair. I pluck it on a weekly basis.
Bryan Looking Up

Miss Tacy gets prettier every time we see her.
Miss Goose

CJ felt VERY strongly about showing us the stages of her stage coach drawing. At least um, 6,000 times.

Tacy and Declan seriously have a blast when we get together. I am scared to think what Kyle will want for a dowry.
Tacy & Declan

I have a couple shots from this series, but this was my fave. Also, this was right after she told Bryan how much she liked him. Julie and I about burst into tears.

Any night is not complete without a the “pillowfight /stand on daddy and cause internal injuries” game. These kids are GOOD. Damn good.
Towering CJ

Oh, and if you ever want an invitation to the Mothergoosemouse household… clearly Tacy is in charge. She is taking reservations for the summer season now.
Sign on the Door

Thanks again, Julie and Kyle – for a very fun night!

Everyone else, there are a few more in my Flickrstream!

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  1. Mr Lady

    I know I am supposed to OOO over the kids, but DAMMIT I miss Bryan! What up, dawg?

    PS: We will all have to get together for drinks in august!

  2. Anonymous

    the sign is killing me! hilarious!!

  3. zipper

    you are right, that is one cute family!

  4. Mayberry

    Awww, you’re going to make me cry from missing the geesemice (and the mom and dad). Beautiful shots–you really captured them so perfectly.

  5. mothergoosemouse

    We had the greatest time with you guys! And as always, I love the photos. Thanks for the micro-tutorial on the mechanics of photography too!

  6. Megan

    How cute is that???

  7. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Sarah, that would be so fun! But I have guests for dinner!

  8. Sarah

    Can you drive to SLC and take my picture? Right this second? Is that too soon?

  9. Tootsie Farklepants

    I think our walls are painted the same color.

  10. jenB

    great photos and looks like an excellent time! two of my favourite ladies. my funky lovely ladies.

  11. Loralee Choate

    Dude! You cannot have fun with Sarah without MOI!

    And? THAT BABY! That is ONE gorgeous kid.

  12. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Awww Jen, you are always the saa-weetest.

  13. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And Loralee, you guys are making me want to come to Salt Lake. THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

  14. womaninawindow

    Nice pictures. What a cute baby…now I remember why I got my tubes tied. I see one…I want one…

  15. Anonymous

    love the photos, and the commentray!

  16. laurie

    ohhh, how fun!!!!

  17. Catherine

    LOOK at those eyes. Fantastic job photographing the essence of Oliver!

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