Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix

OK, here is my official Harry Potter movie review.

In a nutshell, I loved it.

Thank you! Good night!

Ha, just kidding. I have tons to say about a movie a took a whole day off for, and loved so much that I have already arranged for a babysitter so that Danielle and I can take our husbands back to see the IMAX 3D version this Thursday.

First, you need to understand that OOTP is my least favorite book of the series. Mainly because Harry is so whiny throughout the whole thing. And I find it annoying that he is so pivotal to the adult wizards but they never tell him anything (mostly what he is whining about, but STILL). And while I realize the fact that Harry is a big fat brat only hearkens back to my earlier point of how I love that J.K. Rowling has evolved the series to match the age of her main character, heaven help me when Declan turns 15 because I can tell that is going to be a rough year for us.

So, somehow they have taken my least favorite book of the series and turned it into quite possibly my most favorite movie of the series. For many reasons.

– The story is so compelling. And maybe this one has always been more suited to the big screen. I am wondering if some of the mixed reviews are from people who have not read the book? Because I could see that it might be hard to follow if you didn’t know the story. JK writes intricate stuff, especially in the later, 900 page books, but, personally, I really appreciated what they cut and what they didn’t. And yes, there were a few things that didn’t follow the books strictly – but hello! How else can they make it fit? And in fact, the movies, to me, make things even clearer in my head.

– It was dark and brooding and edgy. It had a bit of a Empire Strikes Back feel to it, good versus evil, and we’re building up to a big whopping crescendo of a fight. Along those lines, I must take a sidestep to complain about parents who bring children to these sorts of movies. Are they out of their bleeding minds? We went to the 9:50am show, the theater was nearly full, and I distinctly saw and heard several children that were Declan’s age. DECLAN’S AGE. I promise you, Declan will not be seeing this movie will he is closer to 12. It’s not rated PG-13 for nothing, people! OK, done ranting. I’ll just leave it with this: This is NOT a movie for young children.

– The effects were amazing. Especially the final fight scene, which is the one they have turned into 3D for the IMAX version, which is the main reason I want to see it again. That 20 minutes alone was worth the price of admission. The only CGI stumble was the giant, Grawp. He wasn’t done very well special effects-wise (did they run out of time, or what?)… but then again, I never cared for the giants-angle in the book anyway.

– The acting was awesome. Daniel Radcliffe is coming into his own. Maybe hanging out with horses is good for the boy. Emma Watson still leaves very much to be desired (sorry, Teri) but I have to admit, even she has improved. All the returning characters who are such superb actors delivered their usual best: Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman, Emma Thompson, Ralph Fiennes, Maggie Smith… And the new kids on the block were wonderful choices. Newcommer Evanna Lynch played Luna Lovegood just the way I wanted to see her… and even though she only had about 3 lines, Helena Bonham Carter was amazing as Bellatrix Lestrange… But the grandmamma of them all was Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge. I knew as soon as they announced it that she was perfect for that role and I was right. Hrmm, Hrmm. Just perfect.

So. Can you tell I liked it yet?

Go see it and find out for yourself.

Oh, and as for the Deathly Hallows book release next week? I am really hoping that Harry does not die, but I have a feeling that he does. But not before he and Ginny get married. Hopefully Ron and Hermione finally hook up but good. Sirius is not dead and comes back (which would make Harry dying all the more tragic). Dumbledore is not dead either and was fake killed by Snape who is really a good guy after all. Danielle (and several of you guys) think Hagrid is going to die, and I tend to agree. I also agree that Snape will sacrifice himself for Harry in the end.

Oh, and as we were walking out of the theater, we overheard someone behind us come up with the most perfect possible ending for the books I have ever heard:

Harry becomes the new Dark Arts teacher.

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  1. Mayberry

    Ooh. I love the Harry = new DA teacher. Very fitting, and it would mean that Harry gets to live…

  2. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Can’t wait to hear what you think,Dd. I am sure BIL and SIL will do great babysitting!

  3. Doodaddy

    We’ve corralled our not-quite-ready-for-it brother-in-law and his wife into babysitting tomorrow so we can see it. Soooo excited!

  4. Karen

    Spooky, I mentioned to Andy after the film I thought Harry would be great as the Defence Against The Dark Arts Teacher but at the moment his intention to become an Auror will seem meaningless if he defeats Voldermort.

    Maybe he and Ginny have a baby and it’s born with an identical scar…. a kind of gene mutation in the wizarding world

  5. Karen

    Oh, and I agree Emma Watson’s acting ability is as cardboard as my Rice Krispies packaging.

    But then, the rest are great and it’s all British ;o).

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Karen, we have a poll going for who we want in the next films. I will make a post on that later in the week! But you know I want Colin Firth and Hugh Grant to get a piece of the action.

  7. ali

    my boss is taking our department to see it on thursday. i’m praying i can rid my brain of the details cover with daniel radcliffe in leather with a hairy chest…ew.

  8. Tree

    I have not seen it yet, but thanks for the IMAX tidbit!

    The review is awesome – succinct without giving anything away.

  9. Chris

    I like your theory about Dumbledore but myself believe that he really is dead but it wasn’t Snape who killed him, it was either a death eater or Voltemort himself disguised as snape using the Polyjuice. Also, I don’t think Harry will die, I think he will have to pay the ultimate price and he will win in the end but will lose either Ginny or Hermione.

  10. chloebear

    I had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to tear into the new book! I WILL DIE if she kills Harry off!

  11. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch

    That would be great ending!

    But, I think he’ll die. Rowling keeps saying how she doesn’t want anyone to carry on the series once she’s gone…

    Hopefully my husband and I can get the grandparents to watch the kids on Sunday so that we can go see OOTP.

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