Oliver Tree concert at Red Rocks - photos & review

Oliver Tree at Red Rocks

If you haven’t heard of Oliver Tree yet, you’re in for a wild ride. This enigmatic musician, producer, and filmmaker has taken the music industry by storm with his unique blend of alternative pop and an eccentric persona that’s impossible to ignore. From his distinctive bowl-cut hairstyle to his outlandish outfits, Oliver Tree is a true one-of-a-kind artist.

This this end, he started his recent show at Red Rocks by pulling out a couch and watching videos of himself! Once he started performing, Oliver Tree’s boundless energy was on full display. The concert was not just a musical performance; it was a full-blown spectacle. His unique blend of music, humor, and over-the-top theatrics created an unforgettable experience that left the audience craving more, as you can see by some of the fan photos below.

Oliver Tree’s new album Alone In A Crowd is due out September 29th and he’ll be touring in Australia and England for the rest of the year.

Oliver Tree – Denver Concert Photos

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