One Bad Ass Fatha

I realize that most days, Greeblemonkey is one big annoying ode to Declan, and to Bryan, as well. Prepare to be annoyed.

Since it’s Father’s Day, I figured I would list out all the things about my husband that I love so much. Because he really does rock.

• I love that he can make me laugh, even when there is nothing to laugh about.

• I love that he works hard at everything he does.

• I love that he sees the big picture.

• I love that he is a hotty (he made me type that).

• I love that he rakes the leaves and shovels the snow.

• I love that he also folds the laundry and washes the dishes.

• I love that he takes care of our neighbors.

• I love that he makes me talk about what is bothering me.

• I love that he can figure stuff out, electrical, mechanical, philosophical… whatever.

• I love his patience… with Declan… and with me.

• I love that he confident and insecure.

• I love that he wants to make the world a better place.

• I love how he listens.

• I love how he is playful… in all things.

• And most of all. I love, love, love watching him with our son. It is truly magical.

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  1. Lotta

    Sweet post!

  2. Tree

    That nearly made me cry. What a wonderful tribute to a singularly wonderful man.

  3. Anonymous

    Very nice. Bryan rocks.

  4. mayberry

    Happy (belated) Father’s Day, Bryan!

  5. Anonymous

    I love it. Happy Fathers Day!

  6. ali

    good daddies are the hottest kind of man. great post!! 🙂

  7. aimee / greeblemonkey

    It’s because I have no clue what “Mystronical” means.

  8. nutmeg

    Oh, you’ve made me want to write a list just- well not just- but like this one…

  9. Bryan

    I did not make her write the hot part. She just couldn’t help herself. I said to write “Amazingly Magically Mystronical” but she wouldn’t do it.

  10. Laurie

    Happy belated fathers day!

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