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Vinyl Theatre in Concert, Denver

Vinyl Theatre and Finish Ticket Concert Photos

There have been a lot of great double-header shows coming through Denver lately. Vinyl Theatre and Finish Ticket were at the Bluebird for a sold out show that pretty much made the street shake.

Finish Ticket

I have photographed Finish Ticket before, at the Higher Ground Music Festival in 2014, and they were even better the second time around. Their new single "Color," is picking up steam but the previous album Tears You Apart is a killer listen as well. Added to the fun tunes is a GREAT live show. Lead singer Brendan Hoye is expressive and all over the stage, which frankly makes is hard for me to catch the other members of the band. (i.e. I promise I am not obsessed with him, as most of the shots are of him). Finish Ticket has several more tour dates this summer, including Bonnaroo - so be sure to check them out. Finish Ticket - Bluebird Theater, Denver
Riot Fest 2014 Denver - Day 3

Riot Fest Denver 2014 Day 3 Concert Photos

Finally! My recap and photos from Riot Fest 2014 Denver Day 3. The problem with a music festival that has so many kick-ass artists is that it takes forEVER to get through your photos. But these pics were hopefully were worth the wait - because…
Firefly Music Festival Nokia Lumia

Firefly Music Festival with Nokia, MixRadio & The Foo Fighters

Note: Nokia provided travel to Firefly Music Festival but all words and photos are mine.
Have you heard of Firefly? I grew up near Annapolis, but this music festival in Delaware had started well after I moved to Colorado. My friends from Nokia Lumia asked me to join them there, allowed me to invite Monika, and introduced me to more of their friends while we all proceeded to try out glamping. No typo there. Glamping. Meaning a fancier version of camping, which suited Monika and me just fine.
Riot Fest Denver 2014 Ticket Contest

Giveaway: Win Tickets To Riot Fest Denver 2014 (New Location!)

Note: Riot Fest has provided tickets and artwork but all words and concert photos are mine.
You may remember this little thing called Riot Fest that consumed my family last September? When my friend Charlotte flew in from Seattle and Monika and I wore bandanas because of the dust and I took photos of The Replacements in dresses and cowboy hats? Oh yeah, that music festival - where my 11 year old son saw Iggy Pop perform within 24 hours of Public Enemy.
Best of 2014 Concert Photos Denver

My 40 Best Concert Photos from Denver 2014

This past year was amazing for music and concert photography in Denver. We are lucky to be one of those "crossroads" kind of towns, so we end up in the path of many tours... but also, as I say all the time: Denver has a GREAT music scene. So, my round up of best photographs includes bands from all over as well as Colorado, in pretty much every venue Denver has to offer. Thanks to all the cool people who have helped me, encouraged me and rocked my world musically this year. Here are my 40 favorite concert photos of 2014, in no particular order.

Blow Jobs vs. Wire Tapping

Which one is more impeachable? Not to mention the whole "manipulating evidence to get us all to agree to attacking a country that had nothing to do with 9/11" thing.OK, so, yes... technically Clinton lied to a Grand Jury about getting blow jobs. But seriously.…
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