Puppy Removal Procedure

Well, we started telling Declan that the dentist wants him to stop chewing his puppies because it is hurting his teeth. He was unthrilled. But he was definitely trying. He will bring the ear up to his mouth, then you see the gears turning in his head and he pulls the ear away from his mouth (sometimes).

This morning we were talking about it and I told him he could pick out a new toy if he were willing to give his puppies to other kids who need them. He perked up upon hearing that and spent the morning assembling pupppies on to the coffee table. I think he got about 1/2 of them there before we left for school and said several times that he was “sorting them to give to the other kids.”

So, we may have some major progress tonight. We’ll see.

Also, he went to school with his Moomin to snuggle with instead of a puppy – his idea! (My business partner brought him a stuffed Moomin from Finland – note the tiny ears).

Wish us luck!

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