Said so much better than I could…

My friend Marabeth read my post below and forwarded me this link, an article about a child’s natural tendency towards guns, violence, power and aggression. It was really interesting and I learned things I had not heard of before and also reaffirmed some of the ways we have been handling guns that I didn’t really articulate below. When Declan brings them up, I don’t freak and we talk about it. (OK, I do freak, but I try not to show it). But this author gives some really concrete info one the how, whens and whats for handling kid power.

Thanks, Marabeth!

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  1. mar

    you’re welcome! it really helped me as well…we still don’t have any toy guns here, but when we are at friends’ homes who do, i have been able to handle it a little better… glad it helped!

  2. Anonymous

    Good article, thanks.

  3. Mrs. Wheezer

    Good article and a lot of food for thought.

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